Generic Business Name Ideas:


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1. Bright Future

A sunny name that has a pleasant sound and will work well for a range of industries. Paired with a bright and colorful logo, this business name would be ideal for youth education services, special needs, assisted living, or any industry that focuses on people.

2. Acorn Industries

The word "Acorn" is a reminder that even the smallest things can grow to be mighty. This is a great metaphor for a start-up that aims to grow and become a major competitor in the industry. The name also has a nice ring to it that customers and competitors will remember.

3. Blue Door

A very generic name that is both intriguing and memorable. While the word "Door" has connotations of accessibility and freedom, the word "Blue" inspires feelings of calmness. This could work for just about any company, from an app developer to a niche restaurant.

4. Engage

Simple, straightforward, yet powerful. If you are planning on starting a company that is sure to make waves in the industry, then "Engage" is a great option. This would be a good name for a service-oriented company or perhaps one in the education industry.

5. All 4 One

The mix of letters and words makes this business name really stand out. The name has a familiar message that many people associate with teamwork and strength — ideas that you will want to promote in your company. The name is also adaptable to just about any industry.

6. Ramble

A strange business name that will certainly stick in the minds of people who hear and see it. The word inspires feelings of calmness and a sense of laidback ease that you would have on a slow aimless walk. It could be an intriguing name for a tech business, mobile app, or young start-up.

7. Advantage Solutions

A strong name that can work in most industries. The word "Solutions" indicates that you provide a service of some kind, whether it be business-to-business or direct to the public. The word "Advantage" provides strength to the name and inspires feelings of confidence.

8. Leap 21

This abstract business name is short and easy to remember. The word "Leap" suggests a major step forward and would work for a company just starting out. Adding numbers to the business name adds intrigue and also makes it a little more adaptable to different industries.

9. HighGate Inc.

This business name has a regal quality with connotations of strength and reliability. This is not a playful name and would suit a business that aims to be taken seriously. A good option if you are in finance, online security, cryptocurrency, or software development.

10. SkyFire

A dynamic name that cannot be ignored. A fiery sky is most often seen during a lightning storm which is a great metaphor for your business. There is power in this name and a sense of intrigue that would suit a business looking to assert itself in the industry.

11. 7 Stars

There are many ways to interpret this business name. The number 7 is the basis for many folk tales and is also considered to be lucky and important in popular religions. The word "Stars" could indicate high service quality or just the special nature of your business.

12. Inspiration Junction

A place where creativity and success come together. This inspiring business name is a great option for any company where creativity is key. Perfect for game developers, writing services, music production, art schools, theater companies, app developers, and similar businesses.

13. Global Point

The word "Global" indicates that your business has international operations or that it transcends the confines of established norms. Either way, this would be a great name for a company that deals in logistics, transportation, information sharing, or technology.

14. Red Room Co.

The alliteration of the "R" sound in this business name is intriguing and impactful. The word "Room" could either indicate a physical place or act as a metaphor for a theoretical space where ideas are created. The name lends itself to a creative business.

15. Silver Lake Industries

Inspiring thoughts of shimmering expanses of water, this business name has a professional feel that would work well for a large corporation. It could also be adapted to the retail space for a company that sells water-related products like a fish and tackle store.

16. Cross Club 4

While the word "Club" has its own connotations, combining it with "Cross" gives this name an identity expansion that could work for just about any type of business. The number 4 is an intriguing addition that can be used in an abstract or literal meaning with great effect.

17. Lemon Drop

An adorable name that would work for anything from a clothing brand to bespoke soaps and just about everything in between. It is also the name of a popular cocktail, making it the ideal choice for a bar, nightclub, or wedding venue. Paired with a striking logo, it will be hard to miss.

18. Edison Eve

An abstract name that is certainly intriguing and quirky. No special meaning is conveyed through the words themselves, leaving it completely open to interpretation. This would be a good choice for a trendy restaurant or a company involved in creative developments.

19. OnTrack Solutions

If you want your business name to inspire confidence and professionalism, then this is a good choice. "OnTrack" is suggestive of services or products that are of the highest quality, while the word "Solutions" could indicate that you go the extra mile to make your customers happy.

20. StarBright

A shining example of a business name that is simple yet effective. Not only is this name catchy, it also inspires feelings of confidence. A great choice for companies involved in producing alternative energies, product recycling, lighting solutions, or backup power.

Strong Business Names

Rock solid name ideas for your business.

More Generic Business Name Ideas:

Creative Generic Business Names:

  • Collective Co.
  • Broad Club.
  • The Inclusive Team.
  • Absolute Master.
  • Away Agency.

Good Generic Company Names:

  • Brilliant Bros.
  • Box Inc.
  • Culture Cup.
  • Dot Pop.
  • U Choose.


How do I adapt a generic name to my business?

  1. Conduct industry research and look for keywords, colors, and logo/slogan design ideas that will make your generic business name more distinctive.
  2. Examine other generic business names to see how the branding strategies of these companies have bolstered their names.
  3. Write down some of your name ideas.
  4. Use a business name generator.
  5. Check name availability with the state.
  6. Pick the best name and register it.

What makes a business name generic?

A business name is considered "generic" if it can be used for multiple businesses across a variety of industries/sectors. You should not be able to tell which products and/or services the business provides just by looking at the generic business name. Have a look at our examples for inspiration.

What are some examples of companies with generic business names?

  • ServiceNow.
  • ADP.
  • Apple
  • Adobe.
  • Cisco.
  • Alphabet.
  • AYO Group.
  • Left and Right.

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