Most general litigation law firms are named after partners at the firms. Consider using your name for your general litigation business. It is professional and sophisticated. If you're looking for a different approach, read our list of names for your firm.

General Litigation Business Names:




1.Legal Triumph

This name tells people exactly what your business can do for them. Very strong name.

2.Case Gal

Ideal for a formidable female attorney running a solo firm.

3.Brief Court

A snappy name that makes a bold promise. Suggests seamless service and mastery.

4.Clever Counsel

When people look for a lawyer, they want what this name describes.

5.Divine Defense

Suggesting defense so flawless it is almost holy. A bold and striking name.

6.Suits Crew Legal

This is a catchy name. It suggests a well-dressed, formidable team is on call for any lawsuit.

7.Argue Squash

A snappy and catchy name that suggests superior logic and exceptional legal know-how.

8.Bar Supreme

Ideal for a firm with an exceptional track record. This is a compelling and memorable name.

9.Win My Case

An excellent name that is sure to catch the eyes of potential clients.


A catchy name for any general litigation firm. It suggests instant legal support.

How to Name a Law Firm

An 8-Step Process to Naming a Law Firm

Employment Law Business Names

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What is a good name for a general litigation business?

  • Legal Triumph.
  • Brief Court.
  • Call-4-Counsel.

Can I use my name for my general litigation business?

Yes. Most law firms take their names from the partners at the firms.

What are catchy general litigation business names?

  • Call-4-Counsel.
  • Win My Case.
  • Case Gal.
  • Argue Squash.

What are unique names for a general litigation business?

  • Case Gal.
  • Argue Squash.
  • Bar Supreme.
  • Divine Defense.
  • Suits Crew Legal.

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