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Family Business Name Ideas:


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1. Clan Creations

An alliterative and cute name that suggests your crafts are a family affair. Ideal for a family business that sells artisanal products.

2. The Brothers' Tavern

Authoritative and professional, this name is a wonderful choice for a bar or pub owned and operated by a brother duo. The word "tavern" suggests that your business has a vintage style.

3. Lineage Label

This versatile name expresses a sense of sophistication and affluence. Perfect for a family clothing or skincare brand that uses high-quality materials or ingredients.

4. Ohana Photography

"Ohana" is a Hawaiian term meaning "family," which makes this name a good choice for a business that specializes in capturing a family's best moments on camera.

5. Sisters by Sangria

A play on the saying "sisters by blood," this amusing name is fit for a business that creates decadent cocktails or sells alcoholic drinks.

6. Little Sprouts

Children are sometimes referred to as "spourts," which is an excellent choice for a family company with lots of little ones running around. Well-suited to a wide variety of child-themed businesses.

7. Mom&Pop's Shoppe

A personable and pleasant-sounding name that hints at your business's familial ties. The word "shoppe" gives this business name an old-fashioned feeling.

8. Dynasty Homes

If you're looking for a powerful yet simple name for your construction, home renovation, or home rental business, this is it! The word "dynasty" reminds one of wealth and implies that your company is run by a clan of experts.

9. Kazoku's Kitchen

"Kazuko" means family in Japanese and is the ultimate reference to a family restaurant with a legacy. Great for a traditional Japanese, ramen, or sushi restaurant business.

10. Kindred Spirits

Referring to like-minded people, this catchy name is suited to a variety of businesses. Whether you run a business with your blood family or chosen family, this name will entice customers to learn more about the products or services you offer.

Father-Son Business Names

Memorable names for a father-son business.

More Family Business Name Ideas:

Good Family Business Names:

  • The Brothers Within.
  • Roots II.
  • Our Bond.
  • Hopeful Home.
  • Truly Brave Sons.

Unique Family Business Names:

  • Sunrise Sons.
  • My Sweethearts.
  • The Brothers' Brewery.
  • Sisters & Siblings.
  • A Sisterly Love.

Great Twin Business Names:

  • Better than Won.
  • It Takes Two.
  • One-Love Twins.
  • Two Hopeful.
  • Love Siblings.

Cool Family Business Names:

  • Brothers by Faith.
  • Mum's Choice.
  • The Eternal Root.
  • The Foster Place.
  • Beyond Brotherz.

Fun Family Company Names:

  • Sisters & Suns.
  • At the Root.
  • Our Family Tree & Co.
  • Fostering Us.
  • The Sisterly Place.


Where can I find a family business name generator?

Use NameSnack to create a unique name for your family business. Once you've chosen the best name, head over to Zarla to design a great logo for your business.

How do I come up with a beautiful family business name?

  1. Write down some keywords that best describe your business, its message, and the products or services it provides.
  2. Think about words that will appeal to your target audience.
  3. Combine these words and feed them into a business name generator.
  4. Select some of your favorite names and ask your family's opinion on them.
  5. Choose the name that received the best feedback.
  6. Check if the name is available and secure it.

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