Also known as media law, entertainment law businesses typically build life long relationships with clients, guiding them through their careers in broadcasting, performance, and music industries. Therefore, you'll need to choose a name that's trustworthy and professional. Read through our top picks for the best entertainment law business name ideas.

Entertainment Law Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1.Protect Musical

A reassuring and strong name that's ideal for those with expert knowledge in music and media law.

2.Abiding View

Professional and trustworthy name that is sure to attract the right clientele.

3.The Policy Musical

A whimsical name that instantly grabs attention. Perfect for those that work in the music industry.

4.Copyright View

Simple but meaningful, defines your business as a copyright specialist.

5.My Musical Copyright

With the word "my" adding a personal touch, clients will find this name comforting and enticing.

6.State Copyright

Great for experts in entertainment copyright laws or a personalized app that provides info services.

7.Abiding Sport

Sounds sophisticated and fun, and clearly targets the sport entertainment industry.

8.View Rule

This is a catchy, marketable name. "Rule" reaffirms that your business upholds the rules of the law.

9.Planned Law

A formal name that suggests your business is great for entertainment contracts and career planning.

10.The Sport Rule

This name works best for a law firm that specializes in sport entertainment law.

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What should I name my entertainment law business?

  • Planned Law.
  • State Copyright.
  • The Musical Policy.
  • Abiding View.

How do I choose an entertainment law business name?

  • Brainstorm keywords, phrases, and word combinations that describe your business.
  • Review your business mission statement and brand image.
  • Ask your target market and peers for feedback.
  • Use a business name generator for incentive.
  • Conduct a trademark search and name availability search.
  • Pick a name that suits your brand.
  • Register your name with the state of operation.

Where can I find an entertainment law business name generator?

NameSnack is a free, online-based tool that produces name ideas for any industry or business type. With the help of keywords and artificial intelligence (AI), NameSnack can generate thousands of name suggestions for your entertainment law business.

What is a good name for an entertainment law business?

  • Protect Musical.
  • My Musical Copyright.
  • Planned Law.
  • Abiding Sport.

What are some unique entertainment law business names?

  • The Sport Rule.
  • The Musical Policy.
  • Protect Musical.
  • View Rule.

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