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Doggy Day Care Business Name Ideas:


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1. Puppy Tails Daycare

This business name creates the adorable image of a puppy wagging its tail, showing how happy it is to be at your daycare. Pet owners will love both the message and how clearly-advertised your services are.

2. Poochytown Pawsits

"Pawsits" is a combination of "paws" and "babysits," making it the perfect name for a doggy day care business. The idea of your day care being a "poochtown" also speaks to how comfortable dogs feel in your care.

3. Pawesome Playtime

Combining "awesome" with "paw" makes it clear that you aim to make dogs happy. "Playtime" indicates that your business is a day care services, making this name perfect.

4. Happy Dawgs Day Care

The way that "dogs" is spelled in this name makes it fun and informal. Pet owners will be able to imagine their dogs having a blast at your day care center.

5. Little Paws Playpen

The image of "little paws" is sure to make any dog owner swoon, making this name both cute and effective. "Playpen" makes it clear that you are a day care service, making it easy for new clients to consider using your business.

6. Doggy Town Playhouse

Describing your day care as a "doggy town" lets owners know that their pets will have a safe space in which to play and socialize. "Playhouse" makes this name light-hearted and fun, the essence of a dog.

7. Puptown Playtime

The alliteration in this name makes it catchy and easy to remember, while the use of the word "puptown" is both playful and creative. This name works perfectly for a doggy day care thanks to its light-hearted nature.

8. Posh Puppy Daycare

This name defines your business as an upscale center for dog day care. The alliteration used makes this name fun to say and easy to remember. The name is also appealing to high-end clients who want a quality service.

9. Pawsitting for Baby

"Baby" in this name refers to your clients' dogs, making it cute and personal. "Pawsitting" is a combination of "paw" and "babysitting," aptly describing your services. Overall, this name is funny and precious.

10. Puppy's Daycare

While simple, this name helps clients to quickly identify what your business does. The name also suggests that puppies run the daycare, not only creating an adorable image, but showing that the dogs in your care are allowed to enjoy themselves freely.

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More Doggy Day Care Business Name Ideas:

Funny Doggy Day Care Business Names:

  • The Ulti-Mutt Care.
  • Stay Pawsitive.
  • Hollywoof Inn.
  • A Rebarkable Retreat.
  • Pawdyguard on Duty.

Memorable Doggy Day Care Names:

  • Fairy-Tails.
  • The Barkingham Palace.
  • My Petential Stay.
  • The Woof 'n' Dog.
  • Doggyland Unleashed.

Catchy Doggy Day Care Business Names:

  • Daily Pupcations.
  • Pup 'n' Go.
  • Puparazzi Playzone.
  • Fur Muttropolitans.
  • Welcome 2 Pawffice.

Good Doggy Day Care Business Names:

  • Fur Our Friends.
  • Re-Tail Retreat.
  • Puppy’s Play Pod.
  • Doggy’s Daydream.
  • Pawsh Pet Resort.

Brandable Doggy Day Care Business Names:

  • Cute K-9 House.
  • Puppy's Haven.
  • Pawfect Dog Daycare.
  • Love 'n' Fur House.
  • PC Kennels.


How do I name my doggy day care business?

  1. Jot down some keywords that describe your business's target audience, location, and products.
  2. Enter these keywords into a doggy day care business name generator.
  3. Select a few of your favorites and show them to your friends and family.
  4. Register the name that received the best feedback.

Is there a doggy day care business name generator?

Yes, you can use NameSnack to create a unique name for your doggy day care business. Alternatively, see our list of doggy day care business name ideas for inspiration.

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