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Data Analytics Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Discovering Y

Alludes to the process of discovering why (i.e., predictors) and y-variables (i.e., outcomes).

2. Rubicon Data Analytics

For an innovative business that helps clients take calculated risks.

3. QuantiCore

A mashup of "quantify" and "core." Hints that the company helps clients make data-driven choices.

4. OmniData Solutions

Implies that the business works with virtually every type of data.

5. MediData Unlimited

For a company that specializes in the analysis of healthcare information.

6. Rich Data Analytics

"Rich" denotes the depth of data analysis offered while alluding to clients' future wealth.

7. The Data Miners

A simple, catchy name that leaves no question about the nature of the business.

8. Data Diving

Short and informative. Uses alliteration to create a memorable effect.

9. Data-Powered Solutions

Promises an evidence-based approach to solving business's challenges and driving growth.

10. Data Extracts

References the process of drawing information from data sets.

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More Data Analytics Business Name Ideas:

Creative Data Analytics Team Names:

  • Acuity in Data.
  • Tremendous Analytics.
  • CITI Data Analytics.
  • Clinical Cyber.
  • Algorithms by Audrey.

Cool Data Analytics Business Names:

  • Cognition Xchange.
  • The Source Process.
  • Roboworld Group.
  • Predictive Maven.
  • Mean Stacks.

Funny Data Analytics Team Names:

  • Braintasticia.
  • CogniTrends.
  • Revealedi.
  • Cognitive Envy.
  • Predictive Dataminr.


How do I pick a name for my data analytics company?

  1. Gather your data analytics business name ideas.
  2. Choose your favorite ones.
  3. Ask prospective clients for their feedback on these.
  4. Highlight the crowd favorites.
  5. Set the shortlisted names aside for a while.
  6. Check if you can register the business name that's grown on you.

What are some well-known data analytics companies?

  • Beyond the Arc.
  • Sigma Data Systems.
  • Trianz.
  • DataFactz.
  • cBEYONData.

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