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Curtain Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. The Custom Curtain Co.

The triple alliteration in this name makes it highly memorable and great for word-of-mouth advertising. "Custom" highlights your business's tailored approach and suggests excellent customer service and quality installments. "Co." adds professionalism and authority to the name.

2. The Blackout Collection

A great name for a company that specializes in curtains that cut out all light for sleeping or home theatre purposes. "Collection" alludes to a broad range of products and is associated with style, taste, and intention.

3. Lacework Curtains

"Lacework" adds a delicate beauty to this name and implies that your business offers a range of beautifully decorative curtain designs. This name is great for a brand that specializes in high-end drape design and will appeal to a more mature target market.

4. Tableau Drapery

"Tableau vivant" is a French term that means "living picture" and is associated with the drapes of stage productions, adding a sense of theatricality to this name. It's a great option for a business that specializes in drapery for plays or a highly decorative curtain brand.

5. Window Bangs

"Bangs" is a term used to describe a fringed hairstyle and creates in this name a sense of playfulness, energy, and beauty. This quirky name is super catchy, creating a strong brand identity that cleverly captures the nature of your products.

6. Dope Drapes

A fun and contemporary name that will resonate with a younger target market. "Dope" is an informal term used to describe something as "cool" and adds youthfulness to the name. This is a great option for a company that creates modern, patterned, and quirky curtain designs.

7. Lights Out

The phrase "Lights Out" refers to bedtime and adds quirkiness to the name. The name captures the quality of your products and their ability to completely block out light to ensure an undisturbed night's sleep. This makes it a great option for a business that specializes in bedroom curtains.

8. Shade Shopping

The alliteration of the "sh" sound in this business name gives it a catchy appeal. "Shade" is associated with coolness and clearly captures the nature of your products. "Shopping" has an active sense to it, which adds liveliness to the name.

9. Dramatic Drapes & Designs

The triple alliteration leaves a highly memorable impression. "Dramatic" evokes a sense of theatricality and suggests elaborate and highly decorative curtain styles. "Drapes" clearly captures the nature of your business, while "Designs" evokes a sense of creativity and aesthetic care.

10. Aperture Cloaks

"Aperture" refers to any opening and in this instance alludes to windows, adding a level of sophistication to the name. "Cloaks" adds elements of intrigue and whimsy, making for a super catchy name and appealing brand identity.

Shades & Blinds Business Names

Unique and professional shades and blinds business name ideas.

More Curtain Business Name Ideas:

Great Curtain Business Names:

  • Lacework by Design.
  • Unique Drapers.
  • The Silky Screen.
  • Inner Interiors.
  • The Railway.

Catchy Curtain Company Names:

  • The Rail Road.
  • Just Rod It.
  • Deco Dreams.
  • I Love Drapes.
  • Blades of Blinds.

Memorable Curtain Business Names:

  • The Neat Net.
  • Blockout Boulevard.
  • The Window Veil.
  • Soft Shields.
  • The Urban Curtain.


How can I come up with name ideas for my curtain business?

  1. Think about the type of curtains that your business specializes in and who your primary target market is.
  2. Draw inspiration from the tools and jargon of your trade.
  3. Do some research to see how other competitors approached naming their businesses.
  4. Make a list of keywords that you would like to use in your business name.
  5. Feed these into a business name generator to produce unique name options.
  6. Pick the best name and check that it is available.
  7. Secure the name and its corresponding domain name.

Where can I find some curtain business name ideas?

You can peruse our list of curtain business name ideas for inspiration, or use NameSnack to create your own.

What are some real-life curtain company names?

  • Curtains and Company.
  • The Great Curtain Company.
  • The Shade Store.
  • Diamond Drapery.
  • DrapeStyle.

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