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Cultured Business Name Ideas:


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1. Canvasations

This name is portmanteau for "Canvas" and "Conversations." "Canvas" belongs to the art world, creating a name that encourages conversations about art. This makes it ideal for an institution like a museum or an art gallery that hosts conversations about art and culture.

2. Highbrow Eyebrow

"Highbrow" refers to the intellectually curious and those who possess a rarified taste, while "Eyebrow" belongs to the realm of beauty and makeup. This is a great name for an upmarket beauty brand. The rhyming nature of the name makes it distinctive and memorable.

3. Enlightened Electricians

This name features a play on the word "Enlightened." It can refer to someone who has been playfully elevated by knowledge or perspective, and it can also refer to a room that has been made brighter by the installation of new lights. This suits an electrician with a sense of humor.

4. Cultivated Foods

"Cultivated" is synonymous with sophistication and class. In this business name, it communicates a different meaning: to foster or grow. This makes it a great name for a natural foods brand that wants to emphasize the fact that they cultivate their own food to sell to high-income markets.

5. Erudite Aphrodite

Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and passion. To be "Erudite" is to possess intelligence and have a cultured mind. If your beauty brand wants to cater to refined, sophisticated customers, this might be the business name for you.

6. Be Genteel

This business name features a riff on the phrase "Be gentle." It plays on the word "Genteel," which refers to a refined and respectable character. It reads like a motto and comes together to create the perfect name for a cultured brand.

7. Regal & Refined

The double "Re" sound in this name creates a musical effect that is pleasing to the ear and makes positive associations with customers. This name is highly versatile and suits a brand with a cultured and classy identity.

8. Ettiquette Academy

At Ettiquette Academy, you strive to teach the unrefined how to live cultured and urbane lives. Perhaps you teach fine dining skills or interior decorating. Whatever your specialty, you'll need a name that tells clients exactly what you offer.

9. Polished Autos

To be "Polished" can relate to being refined and civil, but in the automobile world, a polished car is one that shimmers and purrs with beauty. This becomes a great business name for a car seller with a roster of fancy, polished cars.

10. Artzee

This name is a humorous play on "Artsy." The deliberate misspelling gives it a distinctive personality that is fun and charming, almost poking fun at its own pretensions. This versatile name can suit a range of businesses.

11. Discerning Doctors

A discerning person is someone who displays good judgment and has a critical but cultivated eye, borne of many years of experience. This name pairs well with a medical practice that houses doctors who are renowned for their diligence and careful approach to healthcare.

12. So-fish-ticated

This name is bursting with humorous appeal. It toys with the word "sophisticated" and goes well with a seafood restaurant that attracts classy and savvy fish lovers. Perhaps you are situated by the ocean or next to a lake?

13. Cartistic

Portmanteau for "Car" and "Artistic," this business name suits a car brand that sells engineering works of art. It appeals to car lovers who will shell out the extra dollar for rare and exotic cars to add to their collection. The name shows off loads of personality.

14. Urbane Legend

This is a clear nod to the phrase "Urban Legend." "Urbane" refers to someone who is courteous and charming. It signals that chivalry is dead, but you have revived it. You celebrate the art of courtship and classic romance.

15. Museum of Nibbles

The word "Museum" brings to mind an image of cultured individuals of stature and sophistication, while "Nibbles" relates to small portions of food. When combined, they create a great name for a cafe or cake shop with cute little desserts that are decorated and made to look ornate and fancy.

16. Better Tastes

This name gives the word "Taste" a double meaning. "Taste" relates to the tantalizing sensation of experiencing good food, but it also means possessing a refined and polished judgment. This business name suits an upmarket restaurant with gourmet foods that are difficult to pronounce.

17. Manly Manners

This name is ideally suited to a business that transforms rowdy, uncouth boys into tasteful gentlemen. It appeals to young men who want to better themselves by gaining an education in the arts and becoming more culturally aware. The repeated "Man" sound is catchy and fun to say.

18. Scholastic Fantastic

This name is designed to be memorable. Its inherent rhyme gives it an upbeat personality that creates positive impressions on customers and rolls off the tongue. This is a great name for an educational brand that wants to teach through fun and laughter.

19. Dr. Suave

"Dr. Suave" need not be a medical doctor, nor a professor, for that matter. The name works for any kind of business that wants to brand itself as artful, sophisticated, and cultured, in an attempt to appeal to the deep-pocketed among us.

20. The Civilized Way

This business name reads like a motto or mantra for a business that educates and inspires ordinary folk to live extraordinary lives. This name positions a cultured lifestyle as one that is something to aspire to.

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More Cultured Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Cultured Business Names:

  • L'Art de Baix.
  • The Polymath Group.
  • Wise Co.
  • Donnish Boutique.
  • Erudition.

Unique Cultured Business Names:

  • The Art Of Gallery.
  • Book Away.
  • Alexandria Studio.
  • Knowledge & More.
  • Wisdom Palace.

Fun Cultured Business Names:

  • A Taste Of Galerie.
  • The Illuminated Shop.
  • 7 Wise Greek Men.
  • Sumerian Summer.
  • My IQ.


How do I name a cultured business?

  1. Review your business plan for keywords associated with classiness or erudition.
  2. Research your competitors for inspiration.
  3. Make a list of synonyms for "cultured."
  4. Run all of your keywords through a business name generator.
  5. Shortlist your favorite names and ask friends and family for feedback.
  6. Check the availability of your favorite business name and secure it.

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