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Cuban Business Name Ideas:


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1.Cafe Cigar

Cuba and the cigar are two associations that come quickly to the fore. A good name for a cigar bar.

2.Havana Homes

You're a constructor or architect who designs homes in the Cuban aesthetic.

3.Manzanillo Musica

A great name for a lounge or club known for its Cuban and Latin music.

4.Camagüey Cleaning

A suitable name for a Cuban-owned cleaning service.

5.Matanzas Marketing

An apt name for a marketing firm offering services for international companies operating in Cuba.

6.Castro's Corner

A name that appeals to a Cuban audience by drawing inspiration from Fidel Castro.

7.Picadillo Palace

"Palace" evokes a sense of opulence. An ideal name for an upmarket Cuban establishment.

8.Bayamo Bookstore

A lovely name for a quaint bookstore specializing in Cuban and Latin literature.

9.Cienfuegos Cooking

A great name for a cooking class that teaches the art of Cuban cuisine.

10.Pernil Kitchen

"Kitchen" suggests yours is a low-budget, family-oriented Cuban diner.

11.Bunuelos Desserts

A great name for a bakery or cafe specializing in traditional Cuban desserts like bunuelos.

12.Colón Cardio

An ideal name for a fitness studio located near a beach.

13.Masitas Diner

"Diner" suggests your Cuban restaurant serves great food and is easy on the wallet.

14.Placetas Pediatricians

The perfect name for a pediatrician serving a Cuban community.

15.Ropa Vieja House

A great name for a restaurant renown for its authentic Cuban cuisine.

16.Taste Cuba

An inviting name that urges patrons to try traditional Cuban food.

17.Holguín Health

A fun name for a health and wellness brand from Cuba.

18.The Cuban Vegan

A name that appeals to the vegan with an exotic taste.

19.Authentically Cuban

A no-frills name that tells customers exactly what they get: authentic Cuban food.

20.My Cuban Restaurant

"My" imparts a sense of familiarity on customers. Yours is the Cuban restaurant customers trust.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

Cuban Restaurant Business Names

10 unique names for a Cuban restaurant business.


How can I come up with some Cuban business names?

What makes a good Cuban business name?

A good Cuban business name draws from all areas of Cuban life, including geography, food, history, and culture, in a catchy and memorable way. Associating your business with these words will increase your Cuban appeal.

What are some examples of Cuban business names?

  • Cafe Cigar.
  • Havana Homes.
  • Manzanillo Musica.
  • Camagüey Cleaning.
  • Matanzas Marketing.

What are some catchy Cuban business names?

  • Castro's Corner.
  • Bayamo Bookstore.
  • Colón Cardio.
  • Placetas Pediatricians.
  • Holguín Health.

What are some unique Cuban business names?

  • Masitas Diner.
  • Taste Cuba.
  • The Cuban Vegan.
  • Authentically Cuban.
  • My Cuban Restaurant

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