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CNC Machine Business Ideas:


Business Name


1. The Pinpoint Company

"Pinpoint" implies the precision of your CNC machines and the company's services.

2. Meticulous Tools

A solid name that implies reliability and accuracy. Versatile enough for any type of CNC company.

3. Triple Dimensions

Ideal for a company that specializes in 3D printing. Pair with a captivating logo design.

4. Liquid Laser Technologies

An intriguing, partially alliterative name for a company that specializes in water jet cutter CNC machines.

5. Sinker Solutions

Refers to sinker EDM CNC machines. A strong name that uses alliteration to be memorable.

6. Micro Maestros

A rhyming name. "Micro" refers to the precision of CNC machines and "Maestros" suggests expertise.

7. Point Plasma Industries

Ideal for a plasma CNC company. "Point" suggests accuracy and the alliteration is catchy.

8. Parsons Automation

From the inventor of CNC technology, John T. Parsons. "Automation" implies ease and efficiency.

9. The CNC Co.

A clear and simple name that is memorable and directly communicates the essence of your business.

10. Accu Tooling

Abbreviated from "accurate," this name has a catchy ring and implies precision technology.

Machine Shop Business Names

Constructive name ideas for your machine shop business.

More CNC Machine Business Name Ideas:

Good CNC Machine Company Names:

  • Crown Custom Metals.
  • ProTech Precision.
  • Optimus Micro.
  • Starlight Cutting.
  • Laser Prodigy.

Unique CNC Machine Company Names:

  • Galaxy Plasma.
  • Precision Toolology.
  • D'LiteCNC.
  • Laser Express Xpertz.
  • Engravers Xchange.

Interesting CNC Shop Names:

  • LaserXscapes.
  • TechShop LAB.
  • Advanced Metal Tech.
  • The Precision Clinic.
  • CNC Smartshop.

Cool CNC Machining Business Names:

  • Genesis Lasercraft.
  • Tailored Tool Design.
  • Plasmo Xtreme.
  • AllStar Pro Cutting.
  • DynoCNC.

Great CNC Business Names:

  • Plasmonix Precision.
  • Pro Tool Engineering.
  • Laserwerx HQ.
  • Accurate Toolz.
  • Journey Micro Tech.

Cool CNC Machine Shop Names:

  • Mighty Custom CNC.
  • Fancy Finesse.
  • StarShark Laser.
  • New Moon Machines.
  • KustomSculpting.


How do I find a good name for my CNC machine business?

  1. Research CNC company names.
  2. Make a list of keywords that capture your business's character.
  3. Use a business name generator to combine your keywords and generate name options.
  4. Shortlist five of your favorite ideas.
  5. Check the availability of your name options.
  6. Choose your favorite and register it.

Where can I find CNC company name ideas?

  1. Look at your competitors' names.
  2. Think about your company's characteristics or how you want to portray your brand to your customers.
  3. Brainstorm what your company means to you.
  4. Consider why you want to start a CNC company.
  5. Find inspiration from your history and personality.
  6. Use a business name generator to create some unique name ideas.

What are some real-world examples of CNC machine company names?

  • CNC Masters.
  • Metal Tech Company, Inc.
  • F.M. Machine Co.
  • Dimension Enterprises, Inc.
  • K-6 Machine.

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