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Chill Business Name Ideas:


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1. The Max Relax Co.

"The" adds authority to this name, suggesting that your company is the expert in relaxation. "Max" elevates the name, enhancing its appeal and, when combined with "Relax," adds a punchy rhythm that makes it highly memorable. "Co." adds a touch of professionalism to this quirky name.

2. Unwind Body & Mind

A great name for a holistic wellness center. "Unwind" evokes ideas of unloading built-up tension and contributes a calming appeal to the name. "Body & Mind" captures the range and versatility of your services and conveys a sense of balance. It also adds a subtle rhyme that makes this name catchy.

3. The Sunset Emporium

"Sunset" conjures images of tranquil sundowners after a long day of work, adding a soothing appeal to this name. "Emporium" contributes definition and clarity while remaining versatile enough to suit a range of businesses and products. Paired with a vibrant logo, this name will radiate calmness.

4. Feet Up Flip-Flops

"Flip Flops" has a humorous ring to it that enhances the laid-back vibe of this name. "Feet Up" immediately evokes a sense of relaxation and works well for a chill footwear brand. The alliterative "F" sound makes the name super memorable and adds to its quirkiness and charm.

5. Just Hangin'

This name seems to answer the question, "What are you up to?" The abbreviated "Hangin'" creates an informal impression and adds a sense of comfort and ease to this name. Highly versatile, this name could work well for a hammock company, hanging plant boutique, or picture mounting business.

6. Calm & Clear

The alliteration is catchy but not over-the-top, which suits the tasteful appeal of this name. "Calm" effortlessly imbues the name with a sense of serenity, which is reinforced by the word "Clear," hinting at the cleansing nature of your services. Ideal for a detox business or meditation center.

7. Chillout Emporium

What's more chill than "chilling out?" Nothing! This name clearly conveys the cool and calm vibe of your business. "Emporium" contributes a slightly formal contrast to "Chillout," adding intrigue to the name and keeping it versatile. A great option for a store specializing in all things "chill."

8. The Mellow Place

Calm and unassuming, this name has a welcoming appeal that would suit a range of service industry businesses, such as a bar, restaurant, or cigar lounge. "Mellow" captures the mood and tone of your establishment, while "Place" creates an informal, homey impression and keeps the name versatile.

9. Peaceful Green

"Peaceful" pairs perfectly with "Green" to form a name that conveys a sense of balance, humility, and serenity. "Green" establishes a natural connection, making it suitable for a nursery, landscaping company, or a sustainability business. This name has huge potential for a vibrant logo design.

10. Effortlessly Cool

"Effortlessly" implies ease and simplicity, which will appeal to a chill target market. Combined with "Cool," the name takes on a new meaning and highlights themes of style and trendiness, making it ideal for a brand specializing in the latest clothing and fashion accessories.

11. Go & Flow

Based on the phrase "go with the flow," this name is subtly reminiscent of the ethos that defined the hippie movement in the late '60s, enhancing its chill appeal. "Go" is active and adds a touch of energy that will grab attention, while "Flow" contributes a relaxed and calming element to the name.

12. Tranquilify

Modern and super catchy, this name could work well for a guided meditation application. The root word, "Tranquil," is sophisticated and creates a chill impression. By combining it with the suffix "-ify," the word takes on an active tense and adds a dynamic and contemporary appeal to this name.

13. Laid-Back Massage Center

"Laid-Back" is a great word to convey the relaxed and chill nature of your business. "Massage Center" adds clarity to the name and clearly communicates your services. When combined, "Laid-Back" suggests a specialization in back massages, adding a subtle but clever twist to the name.

14. Echo Serenity

This abstract name could work well for a range of chill businesses, from wilderness retreats to wellness spas. "Echo" creates a sense of open spaces and freedom, which contributes to the calming impression of the name. "Serenity" reinforces the peaceful appeal and adds a touch of elegance.

15. The Breeze Boutique

"Breeze" refers to a gentle wind, but is also associated with ease and smooth sailing, creating a tastefully chill impression. "Boutique" adds charm and quirkiness to the name, reinforcing its sophisticated appeal. The alliteration makes the name catchy and great for word-of-mouth advertising.

16. Soothe-A-Lot

A fun and catchy name that oozes chill and rolls of the tongue. "Soothe" is comforting and could hint at soothing, holistic products for pain relief or bodily tension. The addition of "-A-Lot" adds a youthful appeal to the name and suggests variety and abundance.

17. Summerside Spa

"Summerside" is an unusual word that seemingly combines "Summer" and "poolside" to create a fresh and invigorating sense of relaxation. It adds a warm and optimistic tone to the name, while "Spa" captures the nature of your business and creates an alliterative appeal that is super catchy.

18. No Stress

Short and sweet, this name is highly versatile and has a comforting impact that your customers will find reassuring no matter what your business specializes in. It suggests that the experience with your company will be hassle-free and also reads like a mission statement.

19. Breathe Blissful

"Breathe" imbues this name with a sense of calmness and may hint at a breath-based meditation practice. "Blissful" accentuates the serene impression of the name and is associated with positivity and joy. Then alliteration is subtle but highly impactful, creating a memorable brand identity.

20. GentleMed

A great name for a natural medicine business or holistic healing center. "Gentle" creates a soft and comforting impression that will reassure your clients. "Med," the abbreviation of "Medical" or "Medicine," adds technicality to the name and speaks to your company's area of expertise.

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More Chill Business Name Ideas:

Chilled Business Names:

  • So Relaxed CBD.
  • Positiva Sleep.
  • Euphoria.
  • Chillax Relaxology.
  • Hang Out 'n Calm.

Clever Chill Business Names:

  • Serenity Spa.
  • Elements of Bliss.
  • Le Serenise.
  • Bluebird Breath.
  • The Relaxed Room.


What makes a business name chill?

A chill business name will create a calming impression by evoking notions of nature, freedom, peace, and relaxation. Take a look at our list of chill business names for inspiration.

How can I come up with a chill name for my business?

  1. Do some research and be inspired by some existing chill business names.
  2. Make a list of chill keywords that you would like to incorporate into your business name.
  3. Use a business name generator to create chill business name options from your keywords.
  4. Pick your top five names and request some feedback from family and friends.
  5. In your state, conduct a trademark search and a name availability search.
  6. Choose the best available name.

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