A butcher shop prepares and sells quality cuts of meat, fish, and poultry to consumers and restaurants. Butcher shops are the places to go for premium quality meats, so if you are starting your own shop, you'll want your business name to reflect this ideal. Take a look at NameSnack's generated names for some cool ideas.

Butcher Business Name Ideas:

RankBusiness NameDescription
1.Kosher KeenThe alliteration on the "K" makes this name idea memorable for butcher shops that sell kosher meat.
2.Rare KnifeThis cool name idea is a little mysterious and provides a wealth of logo design and slogan options.
3.The Rare ButcherHelp your butcher shop to stand out with this name showing your skills and the quality of your shop.
4.Kosher SliceInvite your customers to take a slice out of the kosher life with this fun name idea.
5.Merchant MeatThis alliterative name tells customers about your services in a memorable way.
6.The Lean DelicatessenEntice customers with this healthy-sounding name that tempts a person's hunger with "delicatessen."
7.Sweet ButcheryAn inviting name idea that tells customers what you do but also puts them at ease with the idea.
8.My Craft Meat"My" personalizes your business while "craft" refers to the artisanal nature of small butcher shops.
9.The Fresh CharcuterieThis enticing name idea will draw customers by appealing to their senses.
10.The Lean CraftsmanShow customers your skill with this fun name idea that offers great logo design options.

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What are some real-life butcher business names?

  • Clove & Hoof.
  • Red Apron.
  • Salt & Time.
  • Rain Shadow Meats.
  • The Butcher & Larder.
  • The Meat Hook.

What are some unique butcher business names?

  • Kosher Keen.
  • The Rare Butcher.
  • Sweet Butchery.
  • The Lean Craftsman.

How do I choose a butcher business name?

  • Research the industry and compile a list of positive keywords that won't remind people of where the meat products come from or how they get that way, as that can be off-putting to some people.
  • Combine keywords or run them through NameSnack to generate name ideas.
  • Check domain and state availability for your top choices.
  • Ask for feedback.
  • Get the name.

What are some catchy butcher business names?

  • Kosher Keen.
  • Rare Knife.
  • Merchant Meat.
  • The Fresh Charcuterie.

What are some cool butcher business names?

  • Kosher Slice.
  • The Lean Delicatessen.
  • Sweet Butchery.
  • My Craft Meat.

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