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Bible Business Name Ideas:


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1. Books by Matt, Mark, and Luke

This name refers to the first three books in the New Testament, written by Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Naming your Christian book store after them is a playful reference to their scriptures and the Story of Christ.

2. Spreading the Word

"Spreading the Word" is a phrase used by Christians to describe telling other people about their religion in an effort to convert those people, making this the perfect name idea for a business that sells Bibles. "Spreading" also implies that you will be able to ship the Bible to customers.

3. The Old and the New

Using this name refers to the Old and the New Testaments in the Bible. It can also refer to the person you were before you read the Bible and the new you since you discovered the Word. If you plan to sell different versions of the Bible, this name could reference that as well.

4. The Almighty Bible Store

"The Almighty" is a Christian reference to God and acknowledging that in the name of your Bible store is a good business move that tells customers what kind of business you run. It also implies that your Bible store is superior to others and will stock different Bibles and Bible-related books.

5. Paul's Place

Although your name might not be Paul, choosing the name of Paul the Apostle, who played an essential role in spreading the Gospel, relates perfectly to a business that sells Bibles. There is no bigger calling for Christians.

6. Preacher and Pauper

In your Bible store, the priest, the servant, the prince, and the beggar will find a Bible to suit their needs. The name indicates a variety of Bibles and implies that the preaching of Christ to love your neighbor as you love yourself has come to life in your Bible business.

7. The Lord's Place

This name has many layers. A Bible shop can be a gathering place for Christians where belief in the Lord is celebrated. As a Bible shop is a Christian-based store, the name "The Lord's Place" is appropriate.

8. Raising Hallelujahs

By selling Bibles and spreading the Word, the angels in heaven are raising hallelujahs. Using this name shows that you are thankful for the opportunity and thrilled that you got the calling to spread the Word.

9. Keeping the Faith

"Keeping the Faith" means to continue believing in, trusting, and supporting someone. What better way to trust in the Lord than by selling Bibles. The reference to faith also brings the name back to religion. It will be memorable and may entice non-Bible seekers as well.

10. Sowing the Seeds

This name idea references a Bible parable in which Jesus says that if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will be able to move mountains. By opening a Bible business, you are sowing the seeds to help others increase their faith and to hopefully move mountains.

Biblical Business Names

Biblical-themed business names for a range of industries.

More Bible Business Name Ideas:

Good Bible Business Names:

  • Noah's Coop.
  • ApostleBuys.
  • Cherub's Wings.
  • Sacred Truth Books.
  • Omega Gospel.

Catchy Bible Business Names:

  • Task & Testament.
  • Gospel Sounds.
  • Deeds & Doctrine.
  • Souls of Scripture.
  • Beads & Bibles.


Where can I find Bible store name ideas?

See our list of Bible business name ideas. You can also try NameSnack — a free and intuitive business name generator. Simply enter a few keywords and you'll have results within moments. If you see a Bible business name idea you love, consider purchasing the matching domain name before someone else snaps it up.

How can I come up with a name for my bible business?

  1. Think about who your primary target market will be.
  2. Do some research and see how existing businesses have approached their business names.
  3. Make a list of keywords that you would like to use in your business name.
  4. Use a business name generator to combine these keywords and create a range of business name options.
  5. Pick your favorite company name and check if it's available.
  6. Secure the name.
  7. Register the corresponding domain name.

Can you name a business after a Bible verse?

Yes. Bring your favorite verse to life in a condensed fashion to ensure that your business name isn't too long. However, you can't let the message or the interpretation get lost in the reduction. Alternatively, you can focus on a Bible story and name your business after the characters in the story. An example of this is "Eve's" or "Peter and Paul."

What are some real-life Bible company names?

  • The Bible Store.
  • New Life Christian Store.
  • Becoming God's Answer.
  • Bibles Plus.
  • F.C. Ziegler Co.
  • Garson's Catholic Religious Store.
  • Christian Science Reading Room.
  • All Things Inspiration Giftique.

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