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Bead Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Epic Beading

A name that makes a powerful impression and creates great expectations.

2. Crafter's Treasure

A creative and compelling name that suggests an interesting range of craft supplies.

3. Beads Beads Beads

A name that is simple but catchy and makes it clear that the business is all about beads.

4. Beading Things

Great for a retailer or wholesaler, this name suggests you stock everything related to beading.

5. Gorgeous Bead

Simple but effective, this name suggests customers can expect to find a range of pretty beads.

6. Beading Fun

This name conveys positive energy and reminds potential customers of the enjoyment to be had.

7. The Bead Space

A clean and smart name that is suitable for a bead business that offers supplies and workshops.

8. New Bead World

Suggests an extensive range of beads and beading tools.

9. Just Beading

A delightfully simple name that suggests a store stocked with everything one needs to start beading.

10. Love the Beads

A simple but clear name that conveys a sense of passion and adoration for beautiful beads.

Craft Business Names

Great name ideas for your craft business and how to come up with them.

More Bead Business Name Ideas:

Good Bead Business Names:

  • Beads up Boutique.
  • A Drop of Charming.
  • Beads & Stuff.
  • Thread of Gems.
  • Treasures on a String.

Aroma Bead Business Names:

  • Just Scented Beads.
  • Dip Drop Studio.
  • FlipSideBeadz.
  • Pearls of Freshness.
  • Small & Scented.

Clay Bead Business Names:

  • Clay Me Pretty.
  • Color Burst Beads.
  • Kaleidoscope Clay.
  • Jewels of Polymer.
  • Kustom Beadz.

Unique Bead Business Names:

  • Beads Plus Beads.
  • Cactus Bead Boutique.
  • L'Art Glass Glamour.
  • Stringing Bubbles.
  • Honey Bijouterie.

Good Bead Company Names:

  • Tiny Bead Boutique.
  • Crowning Colors.
  • Beading Heaven.
  • The Glossy Box.
  • Thread and Dazzle.

Creative Beading Business Names:

  • Pinky and Paws Beads.
  • Pearls on the Wall.
  • Cuddle Bubbles.
  • Lucky Bling Boutique.
  • Glass on a String.

Beautiful Bead Shop Names:

  • Magic Moments Beads.
  • Chromatic Jewelry.
  • Bead & Thread.
  • Thread Something Pretty.
  • Seeds, Beads & Pebbles.

Beautiful Bead Bracelet Business Names:

  • Pink Berry Beads.
  • Crystal Lassie.
  • Little Miss Beads.
  • Bohemia Bracelets.
  • Dreamy Charms.

Interesting Bead Business Names:

  • Glowdrop Beads.
  • Piercing Jade.
  • Drops on a String.
  • Bluestone Beads.
  • Pink Quarry.

Great Bead Store Names:

  • Ever Beaded.
  • Little Basket of Joy.
  • The Beading Lab.
  • The Pretty Jar.
  • Beads to Brag.

Fancy Bead Jewelry Business Names:

  • Bead Bijouterie.
  • Pretty Round Pearls.
  • La Petite Decoration.
  • Beads of Style.
  • Glitzy Glass Pebbles.


How do I come up with a catchy bead business name?

  1. Make a list of keywords and phrases related to crafts and beads.
  2. Look for words that describe the character and energy of your business.
  3. Combine words to create name ideas.
  4. Use a business name generator to create name ideas.
  5. Review your list and reduce it to 5 names.
  6. Check name availability.
  7. Make a choice.
  8. Secure the name.

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