Amusement Park Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. FunLand

This name is appealing to young people. What kid wouldn't want to go to FunLand?

2. LakePark

If your park is built around a lake, this descriptive name is a good fit.

3. AdventureRides

A descriptive name for a park with a wide variety of adventure-oriented rides.

4. JollyPark

People go to amusement parks to have a jolly time, so this name fits the bill.

5. Splashtown Park

Ideal for a water park with pools and slides.

6. Wild Ride City

This catchy name promises excitement and adrenaline rushes in an amusement park dedicated to daring, adventure-themed roller coaster rides.

7. FamilyAdventure

A family-friendly name for a theme park that appeals to parents and children alike.

8. RidesLand

A suitable name for a large amusement park that is known for suspenseful rides.

9. King's Amusement

"King's" suggests that your park offers superior forms of amusement.

10. Cliffs Park

Suggestive of a place that will push people to the edge with thrilling rides.

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More Amusement Park Business Name Ideas:

Funny Amusement Park Names:

  • Escape-a-Boo.
  • Life's Funfair.
  • Carousellular Network.
  • The Ferris of All.
  • Fun Wheel it Lasts.

Creative Theme Park Names:

  • Inventor's Quest.
  • Luna Mystique.
  • Troll Heroes.
  • Mystical Safari.
  • Chaos on the Edge.

Aesthetic Theme Park Names:

  • Magic-o-Mania.
  • Lunar Fantasy.
  • The Awesome Escape.
  • Infinite Fun Center.
  • The Wonderland Zone.

Cute Theme Park Names:

  • Bubble Jumpers.
  • Fountains of Fun.
  • The Twinkle Twinkle.
  • Little Dragon Quest.
  • Tricks of Atlantis.

Clever Amusement Park Names:

  • Ticket to Ride Park.
  • Land of Laughter.
  • Family Funville.
  • Playful Park.
  • Explorify.

Cool Theme Park Names:

  • Fizzbomb Maze.
  • Mad Tale Adventures.
  • FunAtlantis.
  • Twister Jungle.
  • Magic World Quest.

Fun Amusement Park Names:

  • SmileCity.
  • Spookyville.
  • Magic Ape Escape.
  • Jungle Jim's.
  • Roller Rock.

Funny Theme Park Names:

  • The Mouseoleum.
  • Funfair Advantage.
  • Ultimate Amazement Park.
  • Hide & Squeak.
  • Funbelievable.

Good Theme Park Names:

  • Aquatopia.
  • Island Adventures.
  • NatureWild.
  • Space Amusements.
  • WindRush.


Where can I find a cool theme park name generator?

Use NameSnack to create scores of catchy theme park name ideas for free by simply entering a few keywords.

What are some famous amusement park names?

  • Six Flags.
  • Cedar Point.
  • Universal.
  • Disneyland.
  • Hersheypark.
  • SeaWorld.
  • Busch Gardens.
  • Kings Island.

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