Airport Business Name Ideas:


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1. Luxury Flight Lounge

This business name tells airport visitors that you offer a comfortable and upscale space to relax. This will appeal to customers who may have a higher budget and are seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of the airport.

2. All Sky & Sea

This name works perfectly for an airport based in a coastal city. Not only is it alliterative, but this name creates the image of sky and sea meeting seamlessly. A lounge or café with an ocean view would benefit from using this name.

3. Coffee & Travel

This name is simple but would work well for a coffee shop at the airport. Because of how straightforward the name is, it should be easy for customers to remember and refer others to.

4. The Airport Sky

This name is vague enough to work well for any airport business with a view of the sky. Would appeal to customers who enjoy watching planes land and take off.

5. Happy's Landing

This name plays on the expression "happy landing" to both welcome travelers who have landed, and send off those who are still waiting to embark on their journeys.

6. The Airport Fly-In

This business name compares customers who are dropping in to planes that are landing at the airport. The name also expresses fast service as customers can just fly in and get what they need.

7. Parachutes Lounge

For a small airport that facilitates skydiving, this name is a delightful salute to the activity. It makes skydiving participants feel that they have a designated place to unwind after a thrilling flight.

8. Sky Lounge Express

"Express" lets customers know that they can get what they need quickly, which is attractive when rushing between flights. "Sky" connects your business to the airport.

9. Liberty Sky Club

This name is sleek and professional, making customers think that your business is established. The word "Club" makes customers feel welcomed and at home.

10. The Flight Loft

The word "Loft" ties in well with the idea of flight, making this name apt. This name has an air of modernity and class, making it appealing to affluent passengers.

Airline Business Names

Memorable name ideas for an airline business.

More Airport Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Airport Business Names:

  • A-Z Skies.
  • Blue Bound.
  • Sky Speed.
  • Blue To Be.
  • Winds & Wings.

Fancy Airport Business Names:

  • Fly High!
  • Phoenix Skylines.
  • Worlds Apart.
  • Jetsafe.
  • Sunrise Lounge.

Aesthetic Airport Business Names:

  • Dream Blue.
  • Turbo Club.
  • Dream Way.
  • Falcon Express.
  • Flying Soul.

Unique Airport Business Names:

  • Diamond Sky.
  • Blue Spirit.
  • Airspace Travel.
  • Wild Jet.
  • Red Wings.


How do I create a name for my airport business?

  1. Research the names of your competitors.
  2. Think of a few keywords that are relevant to your business.
  3. Look up synonyms for your keywords.
  4. Use a business name generator to create unique combinations of your keywords.
  5. Show your name ideas to potential customers and ask for their opinions.
  6. Set your list aside and see which names you remember most.
  7. Check if the names are available with the state.
  8. Register your favorite business name.

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