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Afrikaans Business Name Ideas:


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1. Kaapstad Koffieklub

Translating to “Cape Town Coffee Club,” this is a great name for a distinctly South African café renowned for its rooibos lattes, world-famous flat whites, and espressos. The triple alliteration of the “C” letter creates a melody and makes positive associations with customers.

2. Primêr Prokureurs

This business name translates to “Primary Lawyers.” South Africa is renowned for its brilliant legal personalities, from Nelson Mandela to Bram Fischer, so branding your law firm in the South African spirit associates your business with best-in-class services.

3. Skaapsklere

“Sheep’s Clothing” is what this business name translates to. The name conjures images of expansive South African farms where sheep and cattle graze. “Sheep’s Clothing” evokes feelings of soft and wooly material that provides warmth and comfort on cold, wintry nights.

4. Boet se Bier

“Boet” can be translated to “brother,” while “Bier” is Afrikaans for “beer.” “Boet” can be used as a term of endearment and can loosely translate to “bro.” This is a friendly and nonformal word that expresses love and familiarity, suiting an establishment where everybody knows your name.

5. Middernag Produksies

This name translates to “Midnight Productions,” and is perfect for a South African production studio that makes content in Afrikaans, be it music, television, or film. The Afrikaans name gives it a homegrown feeling and makes it authentic to a South African audience.

6. Johannesburg Juweliersware

This business name translates to “Johannesburg Jewelry.” Johannesburg is famous for being the “City of Gold,” so associating your jewelry store with this city is a clever decision. It positions your brand as a powerhouse in gold and diamond fashioning.

7. Pretoria Pediater

Pretoria is one of South Africa’s capital cities, making “Pretoria Pediatrician” a great reference for your healthcare practice. Associating your business with a famous South African city is a great way of branding yourself as authentically South African.

8. Magtige Meganika

Translating to “Mighty Mechanics,” this business name is suitable for an automotive repair shop with a South African identity. The repeated “M” sound has a rhythmic effect that is pleasant to the ear and rolls off the tongue, making your business memorable to consumers.

9. Die Slimfoon Herstel Winkel

This name translates to “The Smartphone Repair Store.” It is a no-frills name that tells customers exactly what you offer: a reliable and trustworthy repair service that gets the job done. “The” suggests that yours is the only repair shop worth considering when in need.

10. Smaakknoppie Kombuis

Translating to “Tastebud Kitchen,” this is a fun and charming Afrikaans business name that brands your restaurant as friendly and flavorful. Using “Kitchen” instead of “Restaurant” conveys familiarity and suits a budget-friendly establishment, as opposed to an upmarket restaurant.

11. Blomme Wasgoed

Translating to “Flowers Laundry,” this business name draws from the aromatic smells of fresh flowers to brand your laundromat as a place of renewal and restoration. The Afrikaans name evokes memories of South African detergent adverts, colors, and sensations.

12. Panoramiese Eiendomme

Translating to “Panoramic Properties,” this name is ideally suited to a real estate business that specializes in selling hillside properties with stunning views. Its Afrikaans name could suggest that your real estate business operates in Afrikaans-speaking neighborhoods.

13. Dinamiese Tegnologieë

This business name translates to “Dynamic Technologies.” It is a generic name that can suit any kind of technology business, as long as they have a bold and daring mission statement of disrupting industries and becoming a leading voice in South African business.

14. Deurbraak Ingenieurswese

Translating to “Breakthrough Engineering,” this name is great for an engineering firm with creativity and innovation and its core. “Breakthrough” communicates progression and success, and the german-sounding name in Afrikaans lends it the ethos of a German engineering company.

15. Finansiële Towenaars

Translating to “Financial Wizards,” this name is perfect for a financial investment company or accounting firm that appeals to South African businesses. Using an Afrikaans name gives your company a more personal image, branding your firm as one that understands small businesses.

16. Piet se Troeteldier Winkel

“Piet” is an affable and disarming name, and the business “Piet’s Petshop” uses it to brand itself as friendly, inviting, and approachable. It says “you can trust us to cater to all your pets’ needs,” and also positions your pet shop as budget-friendly.

17. Laventelryk

Translating to “Lavender Kingdom,” this business suits a perfume or beauty company that appeals to a South African market. Perhaps you sell perfume made exclusively from the scents of South African flowers. This is an apt and loveable name.

18. Akker Onderwys

This business name translates to “Acorn Education.” Acorns start small and grow to become strong and self-reliant, making them a great name for a preschool or nursery. Its Afrikaans branding makes it suitable for an Afrikaans-speaking school.

19. Mooimaak Ontwerp

This business name translates to “Beautified Design,” and suits an authentic South African clothing brand with an affluent aesthetic. Thanks to the singsong quality of "Mooimaak," the name sounds unique, memorable, and interesting to South Africans.

20. Kunstige Argitekte

Translating to “Artful Architects,” this business name suits an architectural firm that sees itself as part-architects, part-artists. This suits a South African firm with a visual aesthetic that is distinctly South African, so having an Afrikaans name is a clever touch.

South African Business Names

Eclectic South African business names for a range of industries.

More Afrikaans Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Afrikaans Business Names:

  • Hande van Hoop.
  • Petronella se Pottebakkery.
  • Dondermedia.
  • Soetsuur Styl.
  • Tweelingblomme.

Unique Afrikaans Business Names:

  • Raakvat Handelaars.
  • Die Droomlig Draak.
  • Sonnige Veilings.
  • Boetie Gaan Braai.
  • Eenvoudige Gedagtes.

Fun Afrikaans Business Names:

  • Lekker Luuks.
  • Die Wonderwerk Winkel.
  • Sussie se Styl.
  • Lekkerbek Bakkery.
  • Sjoe! Ontwerp & Skoonheid.


How do I name an Afrikaans business?

  1. List keywords that best describe your business's services or your industry focus.
  2. Try combining your keywords or feeding them into a business name generator to create name ideas.
  3. Jot down your favorite name options and translate them into Afrikaans.
  4. Pitch these names to friends and ask for feedback.
  5. Choose the most popular name and check its availability.
  6. Register your new business name.

Where can I find an Afrikaans name generator?

Try NameSnack — a free and intuitive business name generator that uses machine learning and instant domain search technology to generate scores of brandable business name ideas. You can enter your keywords in English and translate the suggested names into Afrikaans. Alternatively, consult our list of Afrikaans business names for ideas.

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