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Tropical Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Paradise Dew

A strong name that hints at fresh mornings spent by the beach while sipping coconut water.

2. Bedrock Blu

A catchy name. "Bedrock" may refer to traditional values and strong business principles.

3. Sandstone Joy

A fitting name for a bar or eatery located on or near the ocean.

4. Coconut Kist

The unusual spelling of "kiss" may generate interest. Great for a hair care or coconut water brand.

5. Hawaiian Road

A striking name for a shop that sells a large variety of clothing & accessories for island getaways.

6. Mystery Blu

A powerful choice for an island adventure company or a scuba diving brand.

7. The Rolling Raft

A memorable name for a boat ride company but may work for a variety of tropical businesses.

8. Jump, Sailor!

A fun name that will definitely grab attention. Wonderful for a playful swimwear brand.

9. Paradise Gold

Powerful. Evokes images of hot, tropical afternoons. Fitting for an island resort or jewelry brand.

10. View Bliss

A suitable logo or slogan will add more description to this name. Could work for a hotel or resort.

11. Blu Road

"Road" may hint at an island tours company or a boat ride service.

12. Granite Blu

Suggests strength or stability. A good choice for any reliable tropical business.

13. Part Ocean

Fitting for a brand that sells diving/surfing gear. Will draw those deeply connected to the ocean.

14. Jack Raft

A name with masculine undertones. Great for an alcoholic brand.

15. Mineral Fly

An unusual name that's sure to grab potential clients' interest. Great for a trendy accessory store.

16. Sugar Coral Swimwear

A playful name that conjures images of swimwear in pretty pastels.

17. Palms & Paradise

An alliterative name that's hard to forget. Works for a designer brand, resort, hotel, and more.

18. Silly & Free

A great choice for a tropical brand aimed at kids.

19. Utopian Desert

Suitable for an adventure company or a premium tropical brand.

20. Carol Wind

Understated and simple, this name is reminiscent of refreshing ocean breezes.

Beachy Business Names

Inspired name ideas for your beachy business.

More Tropical Business Name Ideas:

Great Tropical Business Names:

  • Hi Hawaii.
  • Sun & Salty Kisses.
  • Vibe & Splash.
  • Rum, Fun & Sun.
  • Melonhead.

Catchy Tropical Brand Names:

  • Sunrise Palm.
  • Mango Breeze.
  • Tropical Nights.
  • Liquid Sun.
  • Turquoise Pearl.

Cool Beach Company Names:

  • Aqua Relaxations.
  • The Sunset Zone.
  • Cool Cove.
  • Paradise Bay.
  • Sandy Sunrise.

Good Tropical Business Names:

  • The Turquoise Reef.
  • Sun Oasis.
  • Equator Wave Farm.
  • Sunsational Serenity.
  • Lush Tans.

Great Tropical Cafe Names:

  • Dancin' Daquiri.
  • Cafe Mojito.
  • The Salsa Spot.
  • Oasis Beach Bar.
  • The Slippery Dolphin.

Fun Tropical Brand Names:

  • Equatorial Palms.
  • Reef Queen.
  • Sunshine Saloon.
  • Moonburst Caribbean.
  • The Red Palm.

Coastal Business Names:

  • Orange Moon.
  • The Beach Coconut.
  • Sandy Toes.
  • Sunburst Latitudes.
  • The Paradise Oasis.


How do I choose a tropical name for a business?

  1. Look at the names of existing tropical businesses, such as resorts, hotels, brands, and beach bars.
  2. Do some industry research and write down useful keywords.
  3. Combine these keywords manually or with a business name generator.
  4. Write down the top name suggestions.
  5. Share your favorite names with others.
  6. Based on feedback received, choose the best name.

What makes a business name tropical?

A tropical business name will evoke images and sensations associated with the seaside and summer. Tropical business names may directly reference island living or focus on aspects associated with it, such as a blue ocean, coconuts, or water sports. You can peruse our list of examples for inspiration.

What are some companies with tropical business names?

  • Watercolors.
  • Seafolly.
  • Rococo Sand.
  • Kenny Flowers.
  • Beach Riot.
  • Rio.
  • Tropical Clothing Co.
  • Kamalame Cay.

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