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Scooter Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Shark Scooters

This is a great name for a scooter manufacturer. It captures the speed and precision of sharks.

2. Glide

A catchy and trendy name for a scooter rental business. It suggests ease and comfort.

3. Swift Drift

A strong name for a store selling scooters and scooter apparel. Very catchy repetition.

4. Float

A simple, striking name, which is ideal for a scooter rental business.

5. Urban Roll

A compelling name for a store or rental business, it appeals to the city commuter.

6. Curb Cutter

Great for a manufacturer or store selling scooters, this is a creative and unique name.

7. Electric There

Appealing to the more environmentally-minded, this name is clever and catchy.

8. Cool Commute

This name targets the daily commuter. It is cool, trendy, and memorable.

9. Silk

Suggesting an effortless, smooth ride, this name is great for a scooter brand.

10. Comet Scooters

Capturing the speed and power of a comet, this is an excellent name for a store.

Scooter Tour Business Names

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More Scooter Business Name Ideas:

Good Scooter Business Names:

  • Pro Wheels.
  • Smart Ride.
  • Motion Wheels.
  • Epic Path.
  • Pedal Power.

Catchy Electric Scooter Business Names:

  • Electric Escape.
  • Elite Wheels.
  • Happy Trails.
  • Fast Riders.
  • Electric Road.

Creative Scooter Business Names:

  • Zig Zag Scooters.
  • Turbo Ride.
  • Red Trail.
  • Alpha Scooters.
  • Urban Action.

Cool Scooter Business Names:

  • Crazy Rider.
  • Xtreme Road.
  • Spin City.
  • Quickspeed.
  • Speedway Scooters.

Unique Scooter Business Names:

  • Wise Wheels.
  • Flash Thrills.
  • Fly Rides.
  • Rebels Scooter.
  • Speed Kings.

Cool Electric Scooter Business Names:

  • Electric Trip.
  • Lucky Thrills.
  • Racing Edge.
  • Swift Pedals.
  • Power Wheels.


How do I come up with a name for a scooter company?

  1. Research other scooter businesses, paying attention to their names.
  2. Find words relating to scooters and the scooter culture that could work as a name.
  3. Try to capture the practicality, speed, and fun associated with scooters in interesting ways.
  4. Feed keywords into a business name generator.
  5. Share your favorite names with potential customers and request feedback.
  6. Check if your name is available.

What are some existing scooter brand names?

  • Segway.
  • Wolf Brand Scooters.
  • Unagi Scooters.
  • Vespa.
  • Honda.

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