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Indian Business Name Ideas:


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1. ChaiLife

"Chai" is the Hindi word for "tea," which is the perfect descriptor for an Indian tea shop or spice store. "Life" sounds dynamic and suggests that your business is personable and well-rounded.

2. Temple Yoga

Temples are widely recognized in India as sacred sites and places of worship. Combining the words "temple" and "yoga" creates a strong and memorable name for a business that teaches Indian yoga practices.

3. The Spice Bazaar

A powerful and authoritative name that conjures an image of colorful spices on sale at a bustling street food market. Perfect for a shop that sells authentic Indian spices and treats.

4. Sundarata

This simple yet catchy name uses the Hindi word for "beautiful" to grab the attention of customers. It's a sublime choice for a wide variety of Indian businesses, such as a fashion outlet, clothing store, or jewelry shop.

5. Kashmir Palace

"Kashmir" is a northern region of India and sounds like the material "cashmere," which is used to create beautiful wool products. Paired with the word "palace," this charming name is lovely for a fabric store or textiles business.

6. TigerBay

India is well-known for its population of tigers, so this fun name suggests that your business is all about the country's gorgeous wildlife. It's super versatile with lots of branding and marketing potential.

7. Spicy Spoonful

If your restaurant or café specializes in creating authentic Indian dishes, this alliterative name will get the message across in a playful way. It also lets customers know that every spoonful is filled with spice and flavor.

8. Lord Shiva's Retreat

An authentic and compelling name that references Lord Shiva, the first Indian yogi mentioned in Hindu folklore. The word "retreat" implies that your business offers relaxation and rejuvenation services, such as yoga, meditation, or traditional healing.

9. Maharaja

Translating to "Indian royalty," this striking name conveys a message of class and elegance. It's a fantastic choice for a business that uses high-quality materials or ingredients to create genuine Indian goods.

10. Sundar Diamonds

Diamonds are one of India's most popular exports and the country is famous for producing elegant diamonds. This name uses the Hindi word for "lovely" to give a nod to your business's affinity for beauty and style. It's great for a custom jewelry design business or gem store.

11. Taste of Taj

"Taj" refers to a crown and suggests that your business is all about regalness and class. "Taste" instantly evokes images of warm, delicious Indian cuisine, which is superb for a restaurant, bakery, or food truck.

12. The Shaanti Workshop

Using the Hindi word for peace, this bold name is an interesting description of a business that provides spiritual or mindfulness services rooted in long-established Indian healing practices.

13. Sine & Co

This original name is a play on the trigonometric functions sine and cosine, which was first defined by Indian mathematician Aryabhatta. While rooted in maths, the name is well-suited to a variety of Indian businesses, such as a computer store, accounting company, or cyber repair shop.

14. Marigold Beauty

The marigold flower is popular throughout India and is used for weddings, funerals, and sacred gatherings. Its symbolism makes this name a wonderful choice for a beauty brand that values brightness and positive energy.

15. Bollywood Club

A distinct name that will help your business step into the spotlight and celebrate the Indian film industry. It's awesome for a Bollywood-themed café, dinner theater, or restaurant.

16. Kala

This short and sweet name means "art" in Hindu and lets customers know that your crafts or art business is inspired by India and its rich culture.

17. Jasmine Empire

Jasmine is considered to be the queen of flowers and fragrance and is used by Indian people to soothe and refresh their bodies and minds. This dynamic name is a fabulous choice for a health shop, beauty brand, or natural products store.

18. Yaatra Tours

India is well-known for its hospitality and treating guests with the utmost respect. "Yaatra" refers to traveling and hints that your business will show customers the beauty and culture of India. Ideal for a travel agency or outdoor activity business.

19. Bhramari

A reference to the goddess of bees in Hindu mythology, this charming name has lots of versatility and will suit an Indian business that uses beeswax or honey to create high-quality products.

20. SugarCity

This sweet name is a reference to one of India's most valuable exports. "City" sounds trendy and is a good choice for a candy store or dessert business.

Indian Restaurant Business Names

Spicy business name ideas for your Indian restaurant.

More Indian Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Indian Business Names:

  • Raanee's Bake Shop.
  • Warm Chai.
  • Mahal Designs.
  • Thoda Masala.
  • DelhiFresh.

Memorable Indian Business Names:

  • Saree Silk Threads.
  • Temple Teachings.
  • The Namaste Grocer.
  • Chamelee Pyaar.
  • Art of Tandoori.

Unique Indian Business Names:

  • Delhi Deli.
  • Rajasthan Repairs.
  • Mumbai Maintenance.
  • Kolkata Karma.
  • Sweet Sutra.

Professional Indian Company Names:

  • Adita's Cuisine.
  • The Cinnamon Spoon.
  • Panjaabee Delights.
  • The Roti Bistro.
  • Jasmine Chaand.


Where can I find an Indian business name generator?

You can use our business name generator to create a fun and unique name for your Indian business. Once you've secured the best name, head over to Zarla to design a great logo for your new business.

How can I come up with some Indian business names?

  1. Brainstorm some potential names.
  2. Think about words and concepts related to your Indian business, target audience, and mission statement.
  3. Try combining the words manually or using a business name generator.
  4. Review and reflect on your list.
  5. Gain feedback.
  6. Check the name's availability and secure it.

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