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Floral Business Name Ideas:


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1. Blooming Kisses

This name is both flirty and fun. It sounds just like "blew me kisses," which is bound to get potential clients smiling. "Blooming" may signify both literal and metaphorical growth, making this an ideal choice for a romantic garden restaurant or a personalized flower delivery service.

2. Shrine of Lily

"Shrine" hints at veneration, implying that the goods purchased here will be greatly adored. "Lily" may suggest that beautiful flower arrangements are made here, though the name is versatile and can be used for a variety of premium brands that religiously try to keep customers happy.

3. The Rose Behind Glass

This blatant reference to Beauty and the Beast will have Disney fans in raptures. Imagine a store where you can purchase beautiful preserved roses in glass domes, just like the enchanted rose from the Disney classic. Would also be a memorable name for any delicate product designed to be treasured.

4. Hopeful Petals

A simple, cheerful name that hints at a bright future ahead. This name works well for a range of beauty or health and wellness brands, but it's also a memorable option for a garden café, nursery, or even a daycare center.

5. Golden Lily Spa

This name conveys luxury and hints at the type of treatments offered. Perfect for a beauty spa where orchids, ylang-ylang, frangipani, lotus, water lilies, and other botanicals are used in beauty treatments. Clients will be pleasantly surprised if golden lilies are drifting in your entranceway pond.

6. Bavarian Blooms

An exotic and catchy name for a nursery specializing in German flowers. Think dahlias, bleeding hearts, daisies, geraniums, dandelions, and more. The repetition of the "B" aids memorability and also creates fun logo possibilities. The "oo" in "Bloom" could take the form of flower heads.

7. The Magnificent Lotus

Seen as a symbol of rebirth, beauty, and purity in many cultures, the "Lotus" is indeed "Magnificent." A strong name for ayurvedic or traditional Chinese medicine brands. Would also be ideal for skincare brands, as the lotus is used to treat a variety of skin conditions, including acne and wrinkles.

8. The House of Blue Roses

The blue rose is unusual and spectacular, often symbolizing love, mystery, or the unattainable. This name, therefore, suits a brand with an elite client base or one hoping to build an air of mystery around it. Add a descriptive slogan to this versatile name to tell clients more about your products.

9. Daisy Happiness

The daisy is a simple flower that may hint at honesty and transparency. Great for a company that uses pure, organic ingredients and decries practices such as animal testing. For a logo, consider an icon of a daisy, with the name, "Daisy Happiness" running along the top edge in a semicircle.

10. Sunflower Serenity

A memorable name that rolls off the tongue and evokes images of wide sunflower fields filled with sunshine. Consider incorporating a sunflower in the design of the name for a sweet, unique touch. A perfect name for a yoga or wellness brand that helps people find "serenity" through mindfulness.

11. The Blossom Gate

Imagine a garden café where you enter through a magical, gated archway made of flower wreaths. Even if you're not serving coffee and scones in a fairy garden, this name alone is enough to pique customers' curiosity and to get them interested in what you're selling.

12. Kisses & Blooms

A nostalgic name that calls to mind "blooming" love. The perfect choice for a place that makes cosmetics or skincare products aimed at a teen or young adult target market. Would also work well for a clothing brand that favors florals and pinks, or a place that makes lipsticks with flowers inside.

13. Blessed Petals

A pretty name with a hint of heaven. A beautiful choice for a florist or curio shop situated near a religious landmark. Could also work for a provider of unique funeral wreaths or a shop specializing in religious and/or spiritual gifts.

14. Serene Rose Bliss

This name conjures images of peace and tranquility, making it a suitable choice for any product or service that helps people to relax and unwind. This also works well for a beauty company that creates skincare products using rose water.

15. Bloody Brilliant Blooms

Inspired by British slang, this is a great name for a florist that specializes in bouquets and other flower arrangements featuring seasonal blooms such as tulips, hyacinths, bluebells, cornflowers, jasmine, and more. Would also work for an edgy, U.K.-inspired perfume, clothing, or skincare brand.

16. Little Pink Beauty

This supercute, multiuse name will undoubtedly resonate with girls and young women. Create a pink floral logo to complement this delicate name and add a cherry blossom, calla lily, dahlia, hibiscus, or some other flower to serve as your perfectly pink icon.

17. Goddess of Pink

An icon of a woman wearing a stately floral head wreath will make quite an impact on potential customers and help them remember your business name. The word "Goddess" may catch the eye of any woman who wants to feel powerful and fabulous. A super choice for a fitness brand with a floral touch.

18. Flowerland For You

"For You" may indicate personalized services or products. A name like this is likely to attract clients who value an exceptional customer service experience. A fitting choice for a same day, personalized gifting service that's famous for its exquisite floral arragements.

19. Lilac Velvet

"Velvet" is known for its gorgeous texture, making this is a great name for a sensory garden café where patrons can experience — see, hear, touch, taste, and smell — the flowers on offer. Be sure to plant some lamb's ears, silver sage, and African Violets as all of these appeal to a sense of touch.

20. Little Cactus Petals

This strange name is sure to grab the attention of passersby as Cacti are notorious for being covered in sharp spines, and not petals as the same suggests. A fitting name for a sweet brand with a sharp edge. Great for a florist that loves experimenting with unorthodox arrangements.

Flower Business Names

Captivating name ideas for a flower business.

More Floral Business Name Ideas:

Unique Floral Business Names:

  • Spring Blossoms.
  • The Orchid's Heart.
  • Dahlia & Clover.
  • The Petal Parlor.
  • The Buttercup Garden.

Good Floral Business Names:

  • Luxor Florist.
  • The Blossom Chamber.
  • The Florals Boutique.
  • Blushing Bouquets.
  • Daffodilicious.

Catchy Floral Business Names:

  • Floral Closet.
  • Bloomy Blossoms.
  • Petals & Twigs.
  • The Flowering Daisy.
  • Daisies Dazzle.


How do you name a floral business?

  1. Brainstorm some potential names.
  2. Think about words and concepts related to your business, target audience and mission statement.
  3. Try combining words or use a business name generator.
  4. Review and reflect on your list.
  5. Gain feedback.
  6. Check name availability.
  7. Secure the name.

Where can I find a flower shop name generator?

Use NameSnack to create a fun and unique name for your business. Once you've secured the best name, head over to Zarla to design a great logo for your new business.

Where can I find ideas for my floral business name?

  1. Look at the names of seasonal blooms to get inspired.
  2. Think about any words associated with summer, beauty, freedom, spirituality, and love, then write them down.
  3. Take a walk through a blooming garden to get your creative juices flowing (don't forget your notebook!).

What are some existing floral business names?

  • NetFlorist.
  • Bloomable.
  • Bunches.
  • Bloom & Wild.
  • Flowerbx.
  • Seed Flora.
  • Tulipina.
  • Poppies + Posies.

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