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Cell Phone Business Name Ideas:


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1. Cell Phone Glue

The word "Glue" evokes feelings of strength, durability, and restoration, suiting a cell phone repair store. Since cell phone repairs involve far more complex procedures than just gluing, this business name makes light work of the process, giving your company name confidence.

2. A Sense of Cell

Most people have five senses. But this name suggests that you have a sixth sense that relates to cell phones. This hilarious name grants technical cell phone expertise to your business and evokes feelings of trust and reliability. It says that you both sell and repair cell phones.

3. Cellibate

A play on the word celibate, this business name associates itself with religious dedication. It says "cell phones are our religion and we are its disciples." This dedication positions your company as an expert on all things "cell phone."

4. Cellfies

This name is a riff on the word "selfies" and suggests that your cell phones have superior cameras that set them apart from competitors. It also appeals to a younger audience who are camera savvy and want great pictures above anything else a cell phone can offer.

5. Premium Cell Phones

Most cell phone brands have a range of tiers, from budget phones that offer basic functionality to flagship models that max out the spec sheet. This no-frills name tells customers exactly what you offer: you stock high-end cell phones from the best brands.

6. Cell Studio

The word "Studio" conjures images of a professional setting where cell phones are created, packaged, and sold. If you want to convey professionalism and reliability above all else, this might be the name for you. The double "S" sound is catchy and memorable.

7. We Cell Phones

This name is a humorous take on the advertising slogan "we sell phones," and gives your cell phone store a distinct personality that differentiates it from generic cell phone stores. It also points to a variety of brands at different price points.

8. Cell-e-Brate

"Celebrate" taps into the emotions associated with getting your first cell phone. It celebrates liberation, freedom, and excitement. The clever name gives your business some character and makes it distinctive in the retail world.

9. Cell Sales

The repeated "S" sound of this business name has a musical effect that dances on eardrums. It creates positive associations with customers, branding your company as friendly and trustworthy. "Sales" hints at affordable prices or bargains.

10. Your Cell Phone Store

"Your" imparts a sense of familiarity to consumers. Yours is the cell phone store people know and trust to give them quality phones at great prices. It fosters a sense of community around your business and works for a small, independent retailer.

11. SyncPulse Phones

This powerful name uses the word "Sync" to suggest that your smartphone business is in harmony with the latest technology and software. "Pulse" lets clients know your company is at the forefront of the industry, expressing ideas of ingenuity and trendiness.

12. Phixy

If you're looking to align your smartphone business with feelings of power and efficiency, this punchy name will capture your brand. Combining the word "Phone" with the made-up word "Fixy" creates a playful and dynamic impression, indicating a smartphone repair shop with a fun aesthetic.

13. Star SmartTech

"Star" gives this name a premium air, suggesting high-quality smartphone products and first-rate services. "Smart" speaks to your business's specialization, while "Tech" brings contemporary and innovative elements to the name. The repetition of the "S" sound creates a snappy impression.

14. CallU Smartphones

This is a personable name that conveys ideas of connection and communication, using the phrase "CallU" to indicate a friendly and approachable smartphone business. Ideal for a brand that offers mobile carrier services, this name is short, memorable, and full of personality.

15. Digital Device Guyz

This nerdy name is a great descriptor of a business that specializes in a wide variety of smartphone devices. "Guyz" gives the name a relaxed appeal and conjures images of tech guys ready to help clients with their smartphone queries. Along with a fun logo, this name offers good branding options.

16. My Mobile Retailer

"My mobile" sounds personal, adding a familiar appeal. The use of "Retailer" assures customers that you have a good stock of cell phones for them to choose from. This is a great name that is sure to attract your target market.

17. Galaxy Retailer

This is a simple and straightforward name idea that defines your business as a Samsung Galaxy retailer. However, "Galaxy" can also be used to convey a brand message of innovation and out-of-this-world deals on futuristic phones.

18. The Cell Daily

This business name sounds intriguing and professional, and is well-suited to a website or blog with daily smartphone updates. The use of "Daily" gives the idea of a breaking news story, such as one would find in a newspaper.

19. iOS Yard

An appealing name idea that could suit a mobile phone store that sells and repairs iOS devices. The use of "Yard" may hint at a warehouse that supplies a wide variety of cell phones at market prices.

20. Soda Cell

This is an uncommon name that still manages to look effortless and creative. The alliteration of the "S" sound creates a memorable effect that rolls off the tongue. You will enjoy creating logos with this name.

Cell Phone Repair Business Names

Smart names for a cell phone repair business.

More Cell Phone Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Cell Phone Business Names:

  • Cell All.
  • No Limit Cell.
  • Jurassic Phone.
  • Truly Cellular.
  • Cell Phones & More.

Good Smartphone Business Names:

  • My Smartphone.
  • Cell-Zoom Repairs.
  • Mobi Store Pro.
  • SmartPhone Joy.
  • Buy Phone Depot.

Professional Cell Phone Business Names:

  • Crown Cells.
  • Cell Phones Ahoy!
  • Hi-Tek Wireless.
  • Stardust Chatter.
  • The Mobile Momma's.

Trendy Mobile Phone Company Names:

  • Cellusoft Tech.
  • Geek Squad Mobile.
  • Cellular Spark.
  • Mobile Mobz.
  • The Bell Co.

Fun Cell Phone Business Names:

  • Leapfones.
  • Call Me Celly.
  • Yo Cell Phone.
  • Crazy Cellz.
  • Hoo Boy Mobile.

Unique Mobile Shop Business Names:

  • MoreMobile Co.
  • Cell Xpress.
  • The Chic Fix.
  • Phone Knome.
  • Casual Cell.

Cool Mobile Phone Business Names:

  • Cell Storm.
  • Mighty Cellular.
  • Go Smart Mobile.
  • AllPhone Outlet.
  • Swag Cell.

Compelling Cell Phone Store Names:

  • GoCell Mobile.
  • Smart Sprint.
  • Mobz Deals.
  • Cell Link.
  • Mobius Co.


How do I name a cell phone business?

  1. List keywords that best describe your cell phone business and customers.
  2. Try combining your keywords or feeding them into a business name generator to create name ideas.
  3. Jot down your favorite name options and ask friends for feedback.
  4. Choose the most popular name and conduct a trademark search in your state and a name availability search.
  5. Choose the best available name and register it.

Where can I find some cell phone business name ideas?

You can take a look at our cell phone business name ideas for inspiration.

What are some famous mobile phone businesses?

  • T-Mobile.
  • Apple.
  • Samsung.
  • Huawei.
  • Xiaomi.

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