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Candy Store Business Name Ideas:


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1. The Candy Man

This name has a sense of familiarity. The candy man is the person that brings joy to children around the world. He is fun and dressed in bright, colorful clothes. The name is simple and easy to remember.

2. Honeycomb Bliss

Chocolate lovers will expect this place to stock the beloved Cadbury Crunchie, but "Honeycomb" may also suggest a specialist retailer that sells gumdrops, lollipops, and chocolates made with real honey. "Bliss" hints at the intense feelings of joy that will overcome anyone who tastes these treats.

3. Licorice and Lime

Both licorice and lime are favorite flavors of candy lovers. The tastes are very distinctive and are indicative of the opposite spectrums of the flavor wheel. The alliteration of the "L" makes the name catchy.

4. Crunchy Cocoa

This evocative name calls to mind delectable chococlate confections that crunch as good as they taste. If you're selling peanut clusters, crispy wafers, or chocolate infused with toasted rice, this name perfectly sums up your offerings. Suitable for a traditional chocolate shop or online store.

5. Can-Can Candy

This name has a playful tone and references the can-can, a boisterous dance. The alliteration and repetition in the name is reminiscent of a typical school cry shouted at sporting events, making it echo youthfulness and an abundance of joy.

6. Sugar Bumble

A cute and quirky name for an artisanal sweet store that pours love and care into all their sugary creations. "Bumble" may hint at a shop that gets a lot of foot traffic and resembles a beehive on their busiest days. Great for a personalized sweet delivery service or an organic sweet brand.

7. Sugar Rush

Eating too much candy will give you a sugar rush, but who doesn't want to get that euphoric feeling from time to time? It is a great name to attract both a younger and more mature clientele. The name also implies that people will rush to your store.

8. The Minty Crumble

From chocolate mints and butter mints, to extra strong mints, mint humbugs, and everything in between, this name covers it all. The word "Crumble" conjures images of people munching on milk chocolates and boiled sweets. Also a lovely choice if you happen to sell crunchy cookies with a hint of mint.

9. Sugar & Spice

If your business creates both candy and savory treats, this name will be a great reflection thereof. The name is a well-known reference to food types, which makes it memorable. It also implies a wide range of product offerings.

10. Kandy Kisses Co.

The repetition of the "K" makes this name catchy and memorable. A great choice for a producer of luxury chocolates or sweets made for gifting to a loved one. It would also work for a breath mint or chewing gum brand that leaves a delightful aftertaste, allowing you to give someone a "Kandy Kiss."

11. Pop 'n' Sickle's Popping Place

The name oozes fun and contains plenty of twisted references to well-known candies. It plays on popsicles and lollipops, while the alliteration mimics the sound that popping candy makes in your mouth.

12. Honey by the Slice

Inspired by TikTok's frozen honey trend, this name will attract a younger audience. A clever choice for a specialty store that uses honey as a key ingredient in their sweets and cakes. To avoid a redesign, don't include a bottle of honey in your logo; use a minimalistic approach to remain timeless.

13. Just Plain Candy

If you need a plain and simple name for your candy business, look no further than this one. The name is straightforward and without any frills. It couldn't be any clearer that you are in the candy business.

14. Pikman's Sugar Shoppe

A name that's sure to attract sweet lovers with more discerning palates. "Pikman's" hints at a store with specially curated sweets or a pick-and-mix sweet shop where customers can decide what they want. The Old English spelling of "Shoppe" indicates a store that values quality and tradition.

15. Retro Stripes

Striped candy has remained a favorite throughout the years and has become a retro commodity. If this is the type of candy you will be selling, pay homage to its history in your business name. Just think of the fun logos you can design.

16. Malted Munchies

Catchy, simple, memorable, and descriptive, this is a great name for a sweets brand that produces treats — chococolates and drinks — using malt and cocoa. The name is fun to say out loud. Depending on the logo and slogan, this name could be used for a kids' brand or a brand aimed at adults.

17. Need More Candy

This name will convince any client to buy more candy from your business. The name is fun, straightforward, and will be easy to remember as it is something that is most probably on every candy lover's mind.

18. Milky Pot Shoppe

Why would a pot be milky? Because you've been making the most delicious chocolates in it all day! This name calls to mind a small, quaint store tucked away on a mountainside where people come from miles to sample hand-poured chocolate. Be sure to add a chocolate-filled couldron to your logo design.

19. The Sweet Stuff

Playing it safe is a good choice for a business name. This name states the obvious, which makes it very effective. The alliteration makes it easy to recognize and remember, which will be beneficial when it comes to the design of your business's branding material.

20. Kool 'n' Kreme

Catchy and modern, this name is great for a no-frills sweets brand that's famous for its cream-filled chocolates and truffles. Whether you specialize in mousse truffles, raw cream truffles, chocolate cups, or bonbons, this name will help clients remember your brand, making it easier to find you.

Candy Buffet Business Names

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More Candy Store Business Name Ideas:

Creative Candy Bar Names:

  • Candy Craver.
  • Jelly Bits.
  • Dip 'n' Swirl.
  • The Sweetest Hint.
  • Cherry Crush Cafe.

Unique Candy Floss Business Names:

  • Glossy Candy.
  • Yummy Bubbles.
  • Crazy Candy.
  • Sugary Heaven.
  • Coated Pink.

Funny Sweet Shop Names:

  • Unicorn Food.
  • Marshmallow Man.
  • The Gingerbread House.
  • Sugar Monster.
  • Jellylicious.

Good Candy Store Names:

  • Sweet Bazaar.
  • Candy Cove.
  • Beehive.
  • Molly's Treats.
  • Caramel Dreams.

Cute Candy Shop Names:

  • Sweet Tooth.
  • Sugar Gems.
  • Gobble & Munch.
  • Kawaii Candy.
  • Sweet Heart.

Creative Candy Store Names:

  • Mint Mansion.
  • Kandy Korner.
  • The Candy Bouncer.
  • Ambrosia Confectionery.
  • Lolly & Pop.

Cool Candy Store Names:

  • The Sugar Temple.
  • Candy Cave.
  • Candy Kingdom.
  • Sweets & More.
  • The Yummy Yard.

Good Sweets Business Names:

  • Decadent Delights.
  • The Sweet Wrapper.
  • Heavenly Bites.
  • The Choc Drop Shop.
  • Nibbles & Munchies.

Exciting Candy Store Names:

  • Coco de Chocolate.
  • Feel Goodies.
  • The Liquorish Larder.
  • McSweets.
  • The Goodie Shoppe.

Creative Candy Store Names:

  • The Sweetest Sweets.
  • The Goodie Bag.
  • The Sweetie Cupboard.
  • Sugar Shoppe.
  • Little Sweet Bite.

Fun Candy Business Names:

  • Sweet Nelly.
  • Sugar 'n' Crunch.
  • Sweet Life.
  • Candy Cane Cafe.
  • Twice as Nice.


What is a good candy business name?

A good candy business name will be easy to remember and spark joy and wonder in your customers. Take a look at our list of candy business name ideas for inspiration.

How do you name a candy business?

  1. Think about the types of candy and the services that you will offer.
  2. List related keywords.
  3. Combine keywords to create name ideas or use our business names generator.
  4. Create a shortlist of your name ideas.
  5. Ask for feedback from family and friends.
  6. Check name availability.
  7. Make a final choice and secure the business name

What should I name my sweets business?

Your sweet business name should appeal to your specific target audience. A high-end sweet business should have a luxurious and sophisticated name, while a business aimed at kids should be fun and joyous.

What are some existing candy company names?

  • Candylicious.
  • Papabubble.
  • Hatty's Sweet Shop.
  • SugarSin.
  • Hans & Gretel.
  • Mr. Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe.
  • Palmer Candy Co.
  • Haribo.

How do I use a candy business name generator?

Try entering a few keywords into NameSnack to generate a variety of candy business name ideas. Alternatively, see our list of candy store business names for inspiration.

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