When starting a patisserie and cake shop, the importance of finding the right name should not be underestimated. An appealing and memorable name plays a large role in attracting customers. It should entice potential customers and create an emotional connection. To help you find such a name, we’ve made a list of inspired and appetizing names.

Patisserie & Cake Shop Business Name Ideas:

RankBusiness NameDescription
1.Cookies and CroissantsThis fun and catchy name is ideal for a charming little patisserie and with a cozy atmosphere.
2.Patisserie CrèmeSimple but stylish, this French-inspired name tempts customers to indulge in decadent delights.
3.The Classic CroissantClean and clear-cut, this name is ideal for a business that offers a wide range of pastry classics.
4.Dreams of PastryThis name invites potential customers to give in to your sweet temptations to their heart's content.
5.Crème DelicatessenFor a boutique style patisserie that offers a splendid selection of decadent sweet delights.
6.Sweet Feast BakeshopThis name positions your business as a celebration of sweet indulgences and implies great variety.
7.My Cake CafePersonal and catchy, this name is great for a cafe style patisserie and cake shop.
8.Pastry TemptationsA simple yet enticing name that lets customers know what to expect when they visit your shop.
9.The Cake CrèmeThis catchy name with a French twist is sure to tempt anyone with a sweet tooth to indulge a little.
10.Patisserie de mon CoeurThis name literally means "patisserie of my heart" and is ideal for a shop with a French flair.

How to Name a Bakery

A Nine-Step Process to Naming a Bakery

Bakery Business Names

10 delectable ideas to inspire your bakery name.


What are some famous patisserie and cake shop names?

  • Tartine Bakery.
  • Maison Kaison.
  • BJ Cinnamon.
  • Sweet Delights Key Lime Pies.
  • Floriole.
  • The Sweet Life Bakeshop.

What are some unique patisserie and cake shop names?

  • The Classic Croissant.
  • Crème Delicatessen.
  • Sweet Feast Bakeshop.
  • My Cake Cafe.
  • Patisserie de mon Coeur.

How do I choose a patisserie and cake shop name?

  • Make a list of keywords and phrases that describe your business and what you offer.
  • Look for synonyms and metaphors.
  • Combine words to create name ideas.
  • Use a name generator.
  • Review your list and reduce it to 5 names.
  • Test your names by asking potential customers for feedback.
  • Check name availability.
  • Make a choice.
  • Secure the name.

What are some catchy patisserie and cake shop names?

  • The Classic Croissant.
  • Sweet Feast Bakeshop.
  • My Cake Cafe.
  • The Cake Crème.
  • Cookies and Croissants.

What are some cool patisserie and cake shop names?

  • Dreams of Pastry.
  • Crème Delicatessen.
  • Cookies and Croissants.
  • Pastry Temptations.
  • Patisserie de mon Coeur.

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