Choosing a name for your photography business can be one of the biggest barriers when starting out. Your business name needs to appeal to your customers in a positive and lasting way, as well as being creative, unique, and an indication of what you do. We have listed ten creative name ideas to help inspire your own.

Photography Business Name Ideas

RankBusiness NameDescription
1.My Catch FrameA catchy play on a well-known phrase that references photography in a fun way.
2.MegaPixelsA great, catchy name idea that uses a photography term in a creative way.
3.The Event FriendThis name idea shows the type of photography you offer in a unique way.
4.PoseFireA cute, catchy name idea that will be easy for clients to remember for referrals.
5.Wildlife MirrorAn elegant name idea for a wildlife photography business.
6.PicturePoseThe use of alliteration on the "P" makes this a memorable name idea for portrait photography.
7.The Littlest SceneA cute name idea for a family photography studio.
8.Pivotal SceneryInspire awe in your customers with this amazing name for a landscape photography business.
9.Tilted FrameThis fun name idea will grab attention and stick in your customers' minds.
10.The Crazy CatchA great name for a candid photography business with alliteration on the "C" to make it memorable.

How to Name a Photography Business

A 9 Step Process for Naming Your Photography Business.

Event Photography Business Names

10 catchy and fun name suggestions for your event photography business.


Should you use your name for a photography business?

Using your own name for your photography business makes it easier for friends and family to remember and refer your business to others. However, if you have a complicated name or one that is difficult to spell, you should consider creating a unique business name.

How do I choose a photography business name?

  • Research the industry and create a list of related keywords.
  • Review your business plan and ideal customer profile and add related keywords to your list.
  • Combine your keywords manually or use NameSnack to generate name ideas.
  • Go over your list of created names and pick out your favorites.
  • Ask for feedback and check for availability before choosing your name.

What are some good photography business names?

  • My Catch Frame.
  • MegaPixels.
  • The Event Friend.
  • PoseFire.
  • Wildlife Mirror.

What are some famous photography business names?

  • Art Chick Photography.
  • Central Color.
  • Nikreations.
  • Junction Eleven.
  • Shutter Point Photography.
  • Scrumptious Food Photography.

What are some elegant photography business names?

  • MegaPixels.
  • PicturePose.
  • The Littlest Scene.
  • Pivotal Scenery.
  • Tilted Frame.

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