Clients expect quality service, precision, and attention to detail from their jewelry repair service. Before deciding on a name for your jewelry repair business, consider your repair specialties, services, and location, as these are details you may want to reference in your business name. Our list of names should give you some ideas.

Jewelry Repair Business Name Ideas:

RankBusiness NameDescription
1.Silver UpA reference to 'polish up'. Suitable for a business that shines and restores silver jewelry, & more.
2.Diamond ClickWell-suited to an online, pick-up, and drop-off repair service, or one with a short turnaround time.
3.Design JewelrySuited to a repair service that does modifications like plating and stone & setting replacements.
4.Handmade Repair"Handmade" suggests a repair service with a personal touch and great attention to detail.
5.The Silver RepairThe name suggests exclusivity. Great for a service specializing in silver repairs and restorations.
6.Renovation Craft"Craft" creates the perception that great care and skill go into each repair job completed here.
7.Jewelry DesignA solid, memorable name for a jeweler that also offers repair services.
8.Jewelry Maintenance"Maintenance" suggests clients should regularly drop in here for the upkeep of their jewelry.
9.Adorn CastOne often 'adorns' oneself with jewelry, and wax 'casting' is a type of jewelry making.
10.Repair GlowThis name will entice clients who want to restore the luster to their jewelry.

How to Name a Jewelry Company

A Nine-Step Process to Naming a Jewelry Company

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What are some good names for jewelry repair businesses?

  • Design Jewelry.
  • The Silver Repair.
  • Silver Up.
  • Jewelry Design.
  • Jewelry Maintenance.

What are some real-life names for jewelry repair businesses?

  • Jewellery Cabin.
  • Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs.
  • Easy Jewelry Repair.
  • The Jewelry Mechanic.
  • Ultimate Diamond.
  • Facets of Earth.
  • Jewelry Repairs By Us.

How do I pick a name for my jewelry repair business?

  • Decide whether you will stick to repair services or sell jewelry as well.
  • Define your target audience.
  • Look at similar businesses, noting names that appeal to you.
  • Write down keywords and use them to make a list of possible names for your jewelry repair business.
  • Approach friends and family with your best name ideas and get feedback from them.
  • Choose the most suitable name.

What are some cool names for jewelry repair businesses?

  • Renovation Craft.
  • Adorn Cast.
  • Repair Glow.
  • Diamond Click.
  • Handmade Repair.

What is a good jewelry repair business name generator?

Try Namesnack if you're looking for a great, free business name generator. Simply enter a few basic details about your jewelry repair service, select the applicable keywords, and let Namesnack do the rest. Within seconds you'll have a list of suitable names for your jewelry repair service.

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