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1.The Suede Rabbit

Great for an art shop or a handmade leather brand. "Suede" suggests a place where soft, premium leather products can be found, while "Rabbit" conjures images of luxury, warmth, and comfort. Add an adorably fluffy mascot to your logo, or replace the word "Suede" to appeal to a vegan target market.

2.Woven Phoenix

This highly descriptive name is ideal for a brand that creates inspired knitted items, such as hats, socks, scarves, mittens, and more. The word "Phoenix" adds a fantastical flair and presents opportunities for a themed brand, while also hinting at products that last forever, much like the Phoenix.

3.Luna's Paws

A great name for a quirky brand. Who is Luna and what makes her paws special? This fun, descriptive name is lovely for a pet brand that makes handmade toys, treats, and accessories for fur kids. Adding a fluffy mascot or a few paw prints to your logo will help customers identify your brand.

4.Wanderer's Emporium

This evocative name calls to mind warm afternoons spent exploring the countryside, drinking coffee, and stumbling upon wonderful stores with lovingly crafted products. "Wanderer" appeals to a sense of adventure and discovery. Ideal for an arts and craft store that's tucked away in a scenic location.

5.Everthing But Wool

A new take on the saying "Everything but the kitchen sink," this name is fantastic for a store that has a mishmash of handmade products on offer. Also a great choice for a vegan-friendly clothing brand that uses sustainable materials to produce their designs. Use a slanted script font in your logo.

6.Woven Again Boutique

A clever name for an eco-friendly brand that creates new clothes from recycled clothing and plastic. "Woven" may also refer to the stories your clothing carries. Great for a concept store that prints a brief history of all clothing on their labels. "Again" may also encourage clients to return.

7.Strawberry Sheep

This name is a perfect blend of quirky, catchy, and cute. Imagine a pink, cloud-like icon with the smiling face of a sheep as a logo. An ideal choice for a designer brand aimed at little kids. Choose a pink and white color scheme to complement this name. The repetition of the "S" aids memorability.

8.Magic Threads Café

A memorable choice for a clothing design workshop where dressmaking basics are taught. "Café" suggests a relaxed environment — perhaps where a cappuccino and slice of homemade cake can be enjoyed. A descriptive logo or slogan can tell clients whether it's hand or machine sewing that's taught here.

9.A Beautiful Day In

When said aloud, it feels like this name is missing something — it's sure to make passers-by do a double take. Imagine a place where you can shop everything you need to enjoy a blissful day — or night — indoors. A versatile name for a shop that sells puzzles, arts and crafts supplies, and more.

10.Wicked Wool House

Whoever said knitting was a hobby for grandmas clearly never set foot inside the Wicked Wool House. This edgy name is perfect for a company that wants to rebrand knitting for a younger audience. Think trendy DIY kits and fresh designs — crop tops, sweaters, cardigans — that were made for the Gram.

11.Painted Flaws

A superb name for a brand of paint or an art class that encourages people to make mistakes as they learn. A name like this can make a brand seem less intimidating and may encourage potential clients to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. Great for a brand that upcycles art.

12.Feathers & Wine

A name that calls to mind extravagant cabaret evenings with feather boas and free-flowing drinks. Fitting for a brand that sells elaborate handmade jewelry and luxury accessories that will dazzle at any dinner party. A feather boa wrapped around a wine bottle would be a perfect logo.

13.A Knot in the Wall

We've all heard of a hole in the wall, but what's a knot in the wall? That's exactly what clients will want to find out when they see your business name. This quirky name hints at a place begging to be discovered. Keep it as is to maintain the mystery, or add a descriptive logo to tell clients more.

14.Magic Lace Boutique

An evocative name for the place you'll visit when you want to add some magic to your bedroom. Great for a brand specializing in handmade lingerie. "Magic" suggests a unique service aimed at discerning clientele. Use a simple font and monochrome color scheme to create a logo with a premium feel.

15.Leather Poetry

This memorable name can be used by any leather brand that crafts products so beautiful they look like poetry, though it also works for a small business that sells handmade leather journals and accessories. An earthy color scheme, comprising brown and cream, would perfectly complement this name.

16.Silver Star Ink

Think handmade pens in custom boxes, with specially formulated metallic ink. A fitting name for gift shop that builds bespoke pens and engraved accessories. "Silver Star" hints at excellence and beauty, two qualities customers expect from a premium pen. Repetition of the "S" makes it more memorable.

17.The Sunburst Shoppe

Though the name does not indicate the products sold here or the services offered, "Sunburst" suggests joy, fun, and excitement — a few of the key ingredients you need to attract customers. The Middle English spelling of "Shoppe" suggests tradition and quality. A versatile and memorable choice.

18.Spiritually Bound

A highly descriptive name for a company or shop that sells handmade religious and/or spiritual texts. The play on the word "Bound" refers to the binding of the books sold here, as well as the spiritual strength of the customers who buy the books. A strong choice that will attract the right audience.

19.Woolies & Baskets

A cute name for a business that's named after what it sells: woolen items and baskets. A fantastic choice for a baby brand that prepares the most gorgeous knitted mittens, caps, booties, and similar items, then packages them in a handwoven gift basket. Works well for an online gifting service.

20.Nina's Moon Designs

A romantic name and a superb choice for a boho brand. The word "Moon" hints at products that have been inspired by nature, while "Designs" suggests a fashion house, jewelry brand, or a company that manufactures furniture. A crescent moon can be incorporated into the "D" of the word "Designs."

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

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What are some handmade business names?

  • The Suede Rabbit.
  • Woven Phoenix.
  • Luna's Paws.
  • Wanderer's Emporium.
  • Everything But Wool.
  • Woven Again Boutique.
  • Strawberry Sheep.
  • Magic Threads Café.
  • A Beautiful Day In.
  • Wicked Wool House.

What are some names of established handmade businesses?

  • Etsy.
  • Handmade Artists' Shop.
  • Folksy.
  • I Made It! Market.
  • eBay.
  • Renegade Craft.
  • Society6.

Where can I find inspiration for my handmade business?

  • Examine the names of arts, crafts, and gifting brands and note any conventions.
  • Consider your products and target market.
  • Write down keywords that would appeal to your audience.
  • Combine the keywords to form names.
  • Narrow your list of options by getting feedback from others.
  • See our list for more ideas or use our handmade business name generator.

What are some unique handmade business names?

  • Magic Lace Boutique.
  • A Knot in the Wall.
  • Leather Poetry.
  • Feathers & Wine.
  • Painted Flaws.
  • Silver Star Ink.

What are some creative handmade business names?

  • The Sunburst Shoppe.
  • Spiritually Bound.
  • Woven Phoenix.
  • Wanderer's Emporium.
  • A Beautiful Day In.
  • Magic Lace Boutique.

What are some cute handmade business names?

  • Woolies & Baskets.
  • Nina's Moon Designs.
  • Luna's Paws.
  • The Suede Rabbit.
  • Woven Again Boutique.
  • Strawberry Sheep.

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