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Furniture Repair Business Name Ideas:


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1. Fine Piece Repair

Ideal for a repair business specializing in fine and antique furniture.

2. No-Fuss Furniture Repair

This name suits businesses offering affordable and simple solutions. It's what customers want.

3. ChicPatch

Catchy and trendy, this less traditional name suggests good service and a modern approach.

4. Speedy Fix Furniture Repair

A simple, almost classic name that grabs attention. Perfect for any furniture repair business.

5. Gem Restore Furniture Repair

People cherish their furniture. Using "gem" to describe furniture creates familiarity and trust.

6. CharmBack Repairs

What is furniture repair if not the act of putting charm back into shabby furniture?

7. Swift Furniture Repair Center

Most people, when something needs to be done, want it done quickly. This is a superb name.

8. Pristine Furniture Repair

Suggesting exceptional service and matchless workmanship, this name is for masters only.

9. Shabby-to-Chic

Trendy and memorable, this name describes furniture repair in a marketable and appealing way.

10. Bye Drab Furniture Repair

Subtle and clever, and suggestive of a hassle-free experience, this name is really good.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

How to Name a Furniture Store

An 8-Step Process to Naming a Furniture Store

More Furniture Repair Business Name Ideas:

Attractive Furniture Repair Business Names:

  • Modern Art Repairs.
  • My Classic Fix.
  • Lavish Restoration.
  • Your Vintage Doctor.
  • Prestige Frameworks.

Catchy Furniture Repair Business Names:

  • The Prime Fixture.
  • Repair-A-Center.
  • The Furniture Bug.
  • Chair Wizards.
  • Big Fix Furniture.

Rustic Furniture Repair Business Names:

  • The Antique Fixer.
  • Furniture Tender.
  • The Frame Refinery.
  • Paint My Chair.
  • Rustic Upholstery.

Good Furniture Repair Business Names:

  • Fast Fix Furniture.
  • The Local Restorers.
  • A Salvaged Quality.
  • The Good Fixture.
  • Restore It Again.

Clever Furniture Repair Business Names:

  • The Furnish Doctor.
  • Top-End Restoration.
  • New Living Furniture.
  • The Vintage Fixer.
  • Restore the Classic.


How do I come up with a furniture repair business name?

  1. Think about the type of service that you will offer.
  2. List related keywords.
  3. Combine keywords to create name ideas or use our business names generator.
  4. Create a shortlist of your favorite name ideas.
  5. Ask for feedback from family and friends.
  6. Check name availability.
  7. Make a final choice and secure the business name.

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