It can be somewhat tricky to create a memorable Etsy business name that meets the prescribed guidelines; one that is no more than 20 characters, containing no spaces or punctuation. Feeling stuck? Check out our list of favorite name ideas to bag the perfect one for your business today.

Etsy Business Name Ideas:

RankBusiness NameDescription
1.FireAndSpiceA twist on "Fire and Ice." For a business that sells spice, jewelry, or virtually anything related.
2.WovenBagsIdeal for a business that sells handbags, shopping bags, and/or similar products.
3.GentlyWornVintageSimple, but meaningful. Ideal for a business that sells pre-loved vintage goods.
4.SunrayCoFor a store that sells swimwear, pool floaties, etc. You could even go with just "Sunrays."
5.LikeLeatherSuitable for a shop that sells vegan leather and similar products. Alliteration aids memorability.
6.WoodenBinocularsMemorable. Could work for a business that sells wooden toys or trinkets.
7.KnittingGrandmasQuirky. Perfect for a business that sells knitted and crocheted pieces that offer a touch of home.
8.DaintyGemstonesFor a store that sells loose gems and/or dainty jewelry. Should be easy for clients to find.
9.BoldlyYoursCould work for a variety of businesses. Perfect for those who sell bespoke pieces.
10.LittleBadgesIdeal for a store that sells handmade and/or printed badges, patches, crests, etc.

How to Name an Etsy Shop

A 7-Step Guide to Naming Your Etsy Shop.

Etsy Shop Names

10 cute and creative name ideas for your Etsy shop.


What are some interesting Etsy shop names?

  • FireAndSpice.
  • WovenBags.
  • SunrayCo.
  • LikeLeather.
  • WoodenBinoculars.
  • KnittingGrandmas.
  • DaintyGemstones.
  • BoldlyYours.

What are some catchy craft store names?

  • Little Badges.
  • Gathered Thread.
  • Marbled Clay.
  • The Glitter Hunt.
  • Rose Stain.
  • Ink Spill.
  • Plentiful Projects.
  • Color Rapids.

Where can I find an Etsy business name generator?

Try NameSnack. You'll start by entering one or more pertinent keywords. Thereafter, you can provide a short description of your business, identify more relevant keywords, and indicate the type of business you own. Remember to ensure that your chosen name is less than 20 characters, and that it does not include spaces or punctuation marks.

What are some vintage Etsy shop names?

  • GentlyWornVintage.
  • VintageTrinkets.
  • FeathersAndStones.
  • LikeNewGemstones.
  • MarbledClay.
  • FreshPreserves.
  • DaintyGemstones.
  • RoseStain.

What are some pottery business names?

  • Clay Pieces.
  • Kintsugi Ceramics.
  • Clay Pottery.
  • Playful Pottery.
  • Dainty Ceramics.
  • Marbled Clay.
  • Luxe Pottery.
  • Little Ceramics.

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