Finding the right name for a check cashing or pay-day loan business can be a challenging task. Your name should sound appealing while conveying the type of services your business offers. To make the naming process easier for you, we've listed 10 appealing names to help inspire your own.

Check Cashing/Pay-day Loan Business Name Ideas:

RankBusiness NameDescription
1.Day GrantA subtle reference to the ease and speed at which clients can make a loan or cash in a check.
2.My Payday PocketA catchy name that evokes images of clients filling their pockets with cash when they need it most.
3.Pocket GrantA snappy name for a check cashing business. Tells potential clients to trust your business.
4.Fund PaydayRolls nicely off the tongue. This easy name implies that funds are always available.
5.Payday SharkPlaying on the term "loan shark," this tongue-in-cheek name is snappy and memorable.
6.The Rake PaydayThe alliteration of the "A" sound makes this name catchy and appealing.
7.The Dole CreditA play on words referring to a benefit paid by the state or "doling out cash" for those who need it.
8.The Issue FundThis distinctive name is ideal for an online pay-day loan service.
9.Check GrantThis snappy name suggests that clients can get access to funds quickly and easily.
10.Repayable LoanImplies a trusted and convenient solution to short-term financial problems.

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What are some good check cashing business names?

  • Fund Payday.
  • Check Grant.
  • The Dole Credit.
  • My Payday Pocket.

What are some famous check cashing/pay-day loan business names?

  • CashNetUSA.
  • Check 'n Go.
  • Check into Cash.
  • Approved Cash.
  • Advance America.
  • Payday Money Store.
  • Money Shack Payday Loans.

How do I choose a check cashing/pay-day loan business name?

  • Compile a list of keywords and phrases related to check cashing and/or pay-day loans.
  • Find synonyms for the keywords.
  • Combine these words to create potential name ideas.
  • Use a business name generator.
  • Get feedback on your top choices.
  • Check domain and state availability for your favorite names.
  • Secure your chosen business name.

What are some catchy pay-day loan business names?

  • The Rake Payday.
  • Pocket Grant.
  • The Issue Fund.
  • Check Grant.

What are some cool check cashing/pay-day loan business names?

  • Day Grant.
  • The Dole Credit.
  • My Payday Pocket.
  • Payday Shark.

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