How to Name a Travel Company

An Eight-Step Process to Naming a Travel Company

Bus Tours Business Names

10 inspiring names for a bus tour business.

Boat Tours Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1.Baltimore by Boat

Substitute "Baltimore" for the name of your locale. Works best when the area name begins with a "b."

2.Harbor Adventures

Simple but compelling. Perfect for a business that offers an array of harbor cruises.

3.Luxury Sunset Charters

Synonymous with opulence and adventure, this name is sure to get potential clients talking!

4.Coast by Catamaran

An alliterative name that conveys information about the mode of transport and the path of the tour.

5.The Yacht Takeover

A fun, memorable name that evokes vivid imagery. Should be fairly easy find online.

6.Island Hoppers

Perfect for a business that offers pit stops at two or more islands.

7.Deck the Shores Tours

Derived from "Deck the Halls," this name references a part of the boat and location of the tours.

8.Pinnacle Boat Tours

"Pinnacle" suggests that the business offers boat tours that are in a league of their own.

9.Just Cruisin' Tours

Laid-back. Could work well for a business that offers, inter alia, cruises with no set destinations.

10.Fairfield by Ferry

Alliteration and assonance make this a super catchy name. Swap out "Fairfield," if needed.

How to Name a Travel Company

An Eight-Step Process to Naming a Travel Company

Boat Charter Business Names

Fun, catchy name ideas for your boat charter business.


What are some catchy boat tours business names?

  • Baltimore by Boat.
  • Harbor Adventures.
  • Luxury Sunset Charters.
  • Pinnacle Boat Tours.
  • Coast by Catamaran.

What are some cool boat tours business names?

  • The Yacht Takeover.
  • Island Hoppers.
  • Deck the Shores Tours.
  • Just Cruisin' Tours.
  • Fairfield by Ferry.

What are some well-known boat tours business names?

  • Red and White.
  • Bay Voyager.
  • NYCbySEA.
  • Maid of the Mist.
  • Major Marine Tours.

Where can I find a boat tours business name generator?

NameSnack can provide you with thousands of unique boat tours business name suggestions. Simply follow the directions and you'll have results within moments. Remember to leave your e-mail address if you'd like to have the results sent to you — that way, you can refer to them later on. Once you've found a name that works, remember to check if it's available.

How do I choose a boat tours business name?

  • Round up all of your boat tours business name options.
  • Highlight those that are informative, easy to spell and pronounce, and congruent with the identity you hope to establish.
  • Show these name ideas to potential clients. Remember to include locals and tourists in your sample!
  • Work through your feedback to gauge which names were a hit.
  • Give it a week or so to see which name grows on you.

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